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D.J. Hatfield

Jan 19, 2021, 2:48:51 PM1/19/21
Dear members of the SEM Sound Studies Section

I sent out this message about a week or so ago, but thought that I might resend. 

In order to start up running as a section, we need to fill in our offices and committees (responsibilities described below). Please nominate yourself or others! The work is not nearly as hard as you might think at first....


At the annual meetings, Davindar and I asked who might be willing to fill offices and committees; it's now time to begin the process of nominations and electing our new officers. Although normally the chair and member-at-large will be elected in even years, we will elect a new chair and member-at-large to serve one-year terms this time around (normally, the terms are two year terms), as well as electing a secretary for a two-year term. As former co-chairs, Davindar and I will remain active in an advisory capacity

Please nominate yourself or others to the following positions:

Communications Committee (i.e., tech czars: 2-3 members)
Curatorial Committee (3 members)
Conference Panel Committee (3 members)

A description of the responsibilities of each are below. We welcome nominations of people at various stages of their career, from different sorts of institutions, and with different takes on sound studies. So don't be shy!



Responsibilities of Officers / Committees


            Prepares, Convenes, and runs the annual meeting at the SEM conference

Appoints members to standing committees (see committees below)

Creates ad hoc committees as necessary

Prepares annual reports for SEM Board in coordination with the Secretary

Prepares agenda for annual meeting in coordination with the Secretary



            Prepares agenda for annual meeting in coordination with the Chair

Prepares and submits minutes of proceedings for approval of all business meetings for subsequent distribution to membership

Records attendance at the Section meeting

Coordinates online nominations and voting for Section elections

Serves as chair for communications committee


Member at Large

            Serves as chair for Conference Panel and Curatorial Committees


Former Chair

            Serves in an advisory role for one year after term



The Secretary chairs the Communications Committee. Other standing committees will be chaired by the Member at Large


Communications Committee

Maintains and monitors the Section listserv, Develops and maintains the Section website, assists Curatorial Committee with call for proposals and promotion for SoundingBoard


Curatorial Committee

Works with the SEM conference local arrangements committee to secure a venue for SoundingBoard, solicits proposals and chooses pieces for SoundingBoard, Works with Communications Committee to promote SoundingBoard


Conference Panel Committee

In coordination with Section Chair, the Conference Panel Committee solicits panel proposals for conferences and makes decisions on Section sponsorship for panels 

michael trommer

Jan 19, 2021, 7:43:14 PM1/19/21
I'd be happy to continue participating in the Curatorial Committee.



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