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May 9, 2009, 8:02:24 AM5/9/09
to sophie2-users
The last release of Sophie 2 is available for download at . Now all users can try it
for themselves.

With the upcoming release of Sophie 2 first alpha, we brought to you
full list of the features and functionalities that are implemented and
introduced (notice that some of them are in prototype phase) in our
previous releases:

Pre-alpha 2 Release – 2008/12/15
The initial Sophie 2.0 release is a proof of concept of Sophie's core.
Included in this release will be:
* Sophie running on Windows and Linux (Can be run on the Macintosh
with configuration changes)
* Basic Sophie UI
* Flaps
* Menus
* Frames
* Simple text support
* Sophie Properties - While not visible, properties define Sophie
objects and are key to the design.
* Inspector - The inspector displays information about Sophie
objects, including the properties
* Prototypical dialog support
The Interim Sophie Community Server
* Team Task List (using Trac)
* Download page
* Release documentation
* Mail lists
* Discussion forum
* Developers wiki

Pre-alpha 3 Release – 2009/02/13
This release brings more core functionality to Sophie (in prototypical
form), including:
* Property thread safety
* More menu support
* Page Template core support
* Page object alignment
* Selecting multiple page objects
* Frame bounding properties, for example margins
* Audio and video support
* Build Server
* Initial plugin support
* Halos and huds

Pre-alpha 4 Release – 2009/03/13
This release brings the following features to prototype status:
* Links
* Internal support for plugin configuration
* Resource manipulation
* Community Web Site
* Sophie Server
* Search
* Book desktop
We will also start the process of tuning Author, looking for issues
and correcting them.

Pre-alpha 5 Release – 2009/04/17
This release continues to improve existing features and brings
additional features to prototype status, including:
* Skinning
* Default Skin
* Alternative Skin
* Application Help
* Resource list filters
* Resource change list
* Internal definition of Sophie Book File Format
* Page zooming
* Page property editing
* Frame rotation

Our next release is scheduled for 2009/05/15, we expect it to include
improvements on the features that were introduced earlier and some new
things like:
* Timelines (prototype stage)
* Printing
* Page element grouping (prototype stage)
* PDF export
Most features expected to ship in Sophie 2 will be initially available
in this release. Bugs are expected and some features will not be fully

Best regards, Sophie Team.
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