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vadim kulibaba

Nov 25, 2016, 7:10:00 AM11/25/16
to Sophia database
Hi Dmitry!

I am very happy with sophia. It s fast and simple. We are write simple socket server witn memcached protocol support and  with sophia engine inside - and all works, but memory consumation not predictable.. Sophia may use from 30Mb to 2Gb memory and i dont understand why and how limit it...

And version 2.2 looks not so introsting compare to 2.1 version(
In version 2.1 - sophia has many  storage modes, like persistance cache , anti cache modes

Persistance cache  - its totaly what i needed,and planed to write but this options looks like not working for 2.2 version? Am i right or it's some undocumented futhures?
And right now i am totaly dont understand how ram storage working.. Sophia may use from 30Mb to 2Gb of RAM, but i dont understand how configure it..

I see many options for this in 2.1 but no one in 2.2, may be i missing something?

Please explain how sophia gybrid storage work.. And why documentation for 2.2 so short compare to 2.1 version?

Sorry for my english.. May i write to you directly on russian in the future?


Dmitry Simonenko

Nov 25, 2016, 8:23:20 AM11/25/16
to Sophia database
Hi Vadim,

Lets continue this discussion in Russian language (using e-mail).
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