My new queue management tool for Sonos

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Jan 4, 2006, 6:39:10 PM1/4/06
to Sonos Development
I hit the Sonos track limit long ago, and was getting kind of annoyed
at having to "re-index now" every time I want to listen to a newly
added song.

So I wrote this tool:
Since then I've added more stuff to it and now I find that it's the
easiest way to work with a really large library on your Sonos since it:

* plays from the same familiar folder locations you're already using
* allows you to play songs without having to "Index Music Now..."
* even lets you play music directly from the internet

It's still a work in progress, but I find it so useful I thought others
might like to try it too... There are a lot more details on the website
above, including a link to download the program. Hope ya have fun with


* Windows-only
* Requires Sonos software version 1.3+ (they changed some of the APIs
* Requires .NET 1.1 runtime already installed
* I'll release the source for the tool eventually - the more important
part is my ZonePlayer .NET APIs, which you could use to make your own
apps, so I'll try to publish those here ASAP


Jan 4, 2006, 7:07:59 PM1/4/06
to Sonos Development
Hi Steve,

This is a great help to those of us with larger song collections -
much appreciated. I also very much look forward to you releasing the
source as I may then try and add xAP support to the code . (xAP is a
great home automation protocol

The one big thing still missing is the ability to select and play all
my music via the controller - even a simple browse into online
available shares and add/play would suffice, including obviously the
non indexed ones above the track limit. I realise that we have to wait
on Sonos though and there's no way your app could do that ... Real
shame as it's the only grumble I really have with my Sonos kit (but
it's a big one)


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