1) Glitch report: Sonobus Android touch interface (finger pos) off sync vs. LCD 2) Sonobus server access in fall 2023

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Marko Tandefelt

Nov 29, 2022, 10:30:42 AM11/29/22
to SonoBus Users

I just found Sonobus, an amazing tool (thank you majorly for creating it!!) . We hope to use in an art project in Helsinki, sending stereo audio from multiple phones to a main MaxMSP 8.51 Macbook Pro M1 Max computer..

1) A GLITCH REPORT: TOUCH vs LCD on Android:
I have noticed one interface glitch/problem with the Android version, with One Plus 9 at least (brand new phone):  The touchscreen scaling appears to be off, not syncing between A) touch position and B) what is shown on the screen, took a while to understand it, as initially I thought the touch input does not work at all, but there is a shifting offset between the two, meaning, I have to touch higher than a button, to reach a certain button.. 

Hoping the matter could be solved without major trouble, as that affects usability to many people, as well as first impressions of the software. (been dealing with similar issues for a long time, 15 years of masters thesis teaching in interface/interaction design at Parsons.. :), anyways, love your solution.. !!

2) 2023, Fall, Sonobus server access: A related question, important to our project: 
Our project takes place in the fall, August/September of 2023.. Question to Sonobus team:  Q: Are there any possibilities hat there might be more drastic changes to the platform etc, re: software, server access, existence etc towards fall 2023  ? 

Fully understanding that no one can be a Nostradamus, but our project would be dependent on realtime audio from nature (Rode AI Micro, multiple Android phones, stereo/binaural audio etc),... We would love to utilize Sonobeam, but also are responsible for the larger project to work, love to avoid murphy´s or finagle´s law etc to pop up, 

Best regards,

Marko Tandefelt
Helsinki FInland
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