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Dec 13, 2021, 9:46:43 AM12/13/21
to SonoBus Users
Hello Jesse and everybody,
Please, let me tell you my situation.
I've been using Sonobus, without any problem, since August 2021 on Windows 7 and 10.
I recently switched to Linux Ubuntu 20.04.TLS and I've installed Sonobus.
My internet connection is wired by Ethernet and I've disable WiFi.
I've done : port forwarding, allowed UDP/TCP In & Out, rule in Ubuntu firewall, or firewall totally disabled, use with Alsa, with Jackd.
I've tried Sonobus snap version and version.
Well, when I am alone on my computer, everything is fine, Sonobus works well, but if I want to connect with public groups or people I know, Sonobus immediately crashes.
I've read the subjects of Bananas and Michael Dessen and Aluizio, and more recently D. Chapman, but nothin' changes. I think I've done all can I do.
I'd like Sonobus works on my Linux computer.
I join screenshots...
Thank you very much for your help2021-12-10 17-47-52 Caractéristiques Ordi Ubuntu.png2021-12-10 18-05-38 Sonobus at Start.png2021-12-10 18-15-29 Jackd 3.png2021-12-10 18-19-13 Jackd messages with nothing running.png2021-12-10 18-21-23 Jackd messages with nothing running 2.png2021-12-10 18-24-05 Sonobus and Jackd 1.png2021-12-10 18-25-33 Sonobus and Jackd 2.png
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