Auto-reconnect on lost connection?

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Dec 6, 2021, 12:41:31 PM12/6/21
to SonoBus Users

I have a special setup where I have one machine I'm working on and another machine with some processors and Sonobus.
The problem I'm having is that for reasons this or that, Sonobus looses connection to after a while, but then it doesn't auto-reconnect back but I have to VNC into the machine and manually press the "Connect" button.

Hence my question: is it possible to instruct Sonobus to auto-reconnect on connection lost? If not, can we hope for such a feature in some future versios?




Jesse Chappell

Dec 6, 2021, 12:54:54 PM12/6/21
to AtmanActive, SonoBus Users
What's probably happening is that every once in a while the connection
server actually restarts itself, causing this to happen... also it
could happen if you dropped off the network for whatever reason. So
yes, adding an auto-reconnect option is a good idea to work around
these issues.

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Lynn Hansen

Dec 7, 2021, 2:01:33 AM12/7/21
to SonoBus Users
I would also like to see this option in a future release. It would be handy when deploying SonoBus on a remote computer.
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