SONiC community meeting agenda - 4/23

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Xin Liu (CLOUD)

Apr 22, 2019, 6:09:16 PM4/22/19
to,, Michael Schill, Liat Grozovik
Here is the agenda for tomorrow's community meeting.

- Platform Support Tests and SSD Diagnostic tool by MLNX

Please refer to the attachment on the meeting info.

See you guys tomorrow.



Madhu Pal

Apr 23, 2019, 11:38:30 PM4/23/19
to Xin Liu (CLOUD),,, Michael Schill, Liat Grozovik

Hello Xin, 


Good morning. How are you?


MoM of today's OCP call  04/23/2019.


Topics Discussed :

SSD Health Design  - Andriy 

CLI support for health of storage devices on a SONiC: ex: disk monitoring and health and usage of the SSD. 


Q & A

  • What params should consider to derive the SSD health ? Ans: Best to rely or use vendor utilities for accurate data 
  • What is the motivation of SSD feature in SONiC? Its provides you the SSD health ex: usage, reboot cycles, disk failures etc.
  • Do you write SSD health in to SONiC DB? Not yet,  we could support a deamon to monitor it in future. 
  • Does it support any metadata as part of SONiC platform files? will take into account of it.
  • Can we extend custom plugins with this design? There is a base class for common code, it can be extended by vendor custom plugins. 


Platform Test Discussions - MLNX by Mykola

Discussed about HW platform tests including fans, thermal, PSUs, SFP, Transceiver etc..

Discussed about the CLIs and SFPUTILs and automation tests. 


Q & A

  • Is the platform tests are MLNX specific? No there is a generic test suite, you can make use for other platforms. 
  • How much platform tests are manual ? any hardware components such as PSU's, FANs, Optics etc need manual intervention?
  • Does ethtool is platform independent ? No.  it may not available for all the platforms. 
  • What is sfpUtil reset? does it verify the real functionality such as running the ethtool on the components? For phase1. sfputil verify the configurations without errors, ultimately it should check the eeprom status, it is debatable as all the platform may not support ethtools kind of stuff. 
  • Does this tests are topology aware ? or do we need to connect all the ports? Not yet, we consider this input
  • Is there ptf infra for PMON? MSFT will check on this.
  • How do you toggle PSU ? Any manual intervention during automation ? for PSU's, OPTIC cables, FANs,  we need bring down/up. 

Action Items 

  • 2019 release details - Xin get back by wednesday 
  • Is there ptf infra for PMON? MSFT/Guohan
  • Platform system tests design document update with PyTest framework - MLNX 
  • Platform system test user-guide with expected outputs - MLNX 
  • Move manual steps into sonic-mgmt repo - MLNX




  • SONIC documentation - New wiki, architecture documents, CLI documentation - updated based out of  2018Nov release
  • User manual - Work in progress stay tuned 
  • OCP events tech Day May 30th, China - June 25th - speaker presentations on SONiC  
  • Test working group first meeting - tomorrow 10-11 PST 
  • MLAG L2 working group - Stay tuned 




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