Members meeting March 10th 2020

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Ben Carrington

Feb 11, 2020, 4:14:41 PM2/11/20
to Southampton Makerspace
Please use this thread for agenda for the next members' meeting.
It's the job of the minute taker to post the minutes to this thread, and start a new thread for the March meeting.

Christopher Turner

Mar 10, 2020, 5:27:04 PM3/10/20
Minutes for 2020-Mar-10

Members Present
 * Chris Nash
 * Ed 
 * Chris Tuncan (minutes + chair)
 * Tyler
 * Phill M

Ed reports that there was a health and safety person here on Monday to do a report. They were very understanding of what we do here, and the unique difficulties of a Makerspace. 

However there were several things that need to be sorted out sooner than later.

The trustees will make a plan of attack once they have read the report. They will ensure the members are involved. The report can be read here:

At the very least we need to have scheduled inspections of equipment, and that needs to be tracked. The workshop induction should also be finished. They were very happy with our system for ensuring safety with the lathe. 

Everyone is in agreement that health and safety in the workshop should not just be the responsibility of the trustees. A group of members should be able to take some of the responsibility, especially once we have set up a system for scheduled & tracked inspections.

The trustees are planning to schedule the same people in at a later date to help educate us on writing proper risk assessments.


John Dodge had loaned us a drill, and Ed has found a matching one on eBay which he has also loaned. They work better than what we had before, and we have 4 batteries available. 


Previous hack the space. 

There was more tidying, much like previous events. 

John Dodge did a lot of cleaning up in workshop

Chris Tuncan tidied up the cable boxes and reorganised into useful categories, as well as other boxes at that end of the shelving.

The mini bar was moved to be wall mounted beside the vending machine, this freed up space on the worksurfaces. 

Tyler tested the light fittings that are now under the 3d printer corner (including emergency fittings) and confirmed they all work as intended. 

Some more fluorescent tubes were taken and disposed of.

Ed replaced two damaged plug sockets. They had broken because the heaters were plugged into them. Ed also replaced the plugs on the heaters as he thinks that was a cause. 

Phill remarks that the tuna pizza was actually pretty good.


Next hack the space is Saturday 28th March.

Things people would like to do:

Should probably finish testing the rest of the fluorescent lights
Make a plan for the electrics

Chris Nash will continue building an asset list. This is mainly to support tracking the H&S inspections. We want each asset to be tagged with ta unique ID, ideally also it's intended location. 

Chris Tuncan is gonna make some nice Google forms to track inspections and to show which devices need inspections. 

If we're going to be rummaging in the workshop dust will be a problem. We need to de-dust the workshop. Dust masts would also be good. (Are they easy to get with coronavirus panic?)


End of meeting

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Please use this thread for agenda for the next members' meeting.
It's the job of the minute taker to post the minutes to this thread, and start a new thread for the March meeting.

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