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Ed Chaney

Feb 26, 2021, 1:46:47 PM2/26/21
Hi all,

At the 18/2/21 Trustee meeting we discussed a recent quote for lighting and other electrical works at the space. Some of the items quoted for are a requirement to meet health and safety standards however some items are optional and so we decided that the best thing was to put this in front of the members for some feedback before making a final decision.

The electrician indicated that with all these works there is scope for us to save some money by assisting with labour where possible. Unfortunately COVID makes this hard so probably best to assume we can't do that and if we find a way that's a bonus.

I have listed the lighting upgrade as optional however there are two issues that do need to be addressed. 1. Low level of lightning in workshop, 2. Currently one lighting circuit is non-functional - probably another faulty fitting. We will almost certainly be spending some money on the lighting, it would just be a question of spending enough now to do a full replacement job, or spending a bit now and a bit later when more of the old fittings fail.

Non-optional elements, total: £1278
  • Installation of 2x mains fed, interlinked, battery back up heat detectors, 1 per area: £155
  • Installation of 2x Non-maintained emergency vaporproof fitting, 1 per area, test switch by main panel: £395
  • Installation of 2x Maintained emergency bulkhead fittings over fire escapes, fed locally via unswitched spur: £155.00
  • Installation of 3x Sockets for IT & services above entrance: £128
  • Installation of 2x metal clad sockets into ceiling over bench of rear workshop for hanging sockets and table saw: £195
  • Annual Electrical Installation Condition Report: £250
Optional - update to LED lighting throughout and add 2 extra fittings in the workshop: £647
  • Convert 7x twin vapour fittings to LED inc supply of LED tubes: £347
  • Swap all suspended fittings in main workspace: £155
  • Install 2x fittings in workshop: £145
Optional - hanging socket cubes in workshop (we could do this ourselves as its not part of the fixed wiring)
  • Installation of 2x Hanging socket cubes, plugged into new ceiling sockets: £210
We also got a quote to fit a dedicated welding socket for £319 however it was decided this is unnecessary at the power level we currently use.
Another item on the quote was to relocate some conduit to allow for the hanging sockets for £120 however we can work around this I believe and thus no need to spend.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this please reply here or join us in #trustees on slack.

All the best

Ed - Trustee

Ed Chaney

Feb 26, 2021, 2:02:27 PM2/26/21
to Southampton Makerspace
Slight correction on this having re-read the minutes..

the following items i listed above as non-optional are not considered safety critical so should have been classed as optional.

Optional extra sockets:
  •   Installation of 3x Sockets for IT & services above entrance: £128  
  •   Installation of 2x metal clad sockets into ceiling over bench of rear workshop for hanging sockets and table saw: £195 
In truth, there are safety issues attached to both of these.. sockets above the entrance to reduce daisy chained socket strips, socket in ceiling to remove need for trailing leads in workshop.


Chris Carter

Aug 16, 2021, 11:36:16 AM8/16/21
to Southampton Makerspace
I say do the lot, bring it up to code - Emergency lighting should just be done and LED lighting no brainer as it will pay itself back on the electricity bill 
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