Trustee meeting 27th February 2020

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Ed Chaney

Feb 27, 2020, 3:59:36 PM2/27/20
Minutes from this evenings meeting:

27/02/20 20:00

Trustees Present: James Bruton, Ed Chaney

Members Present: Chris Nash

  1. Appoint Chris Nash

    1. Chris Nash volunteered to be a trustee and applied via the members area. All trustees have approved.

    2. Vote to appoint Chris Nash to be trustee with the understanding that at the next AGM members will be given a vote to approve the appointment and confirm all trustees. Unanimous.

    3. From this point on, Chris Nash is a trustee.

    4. ACTION: Send notice to members of new Trustee - James

    5. ACTION: Add Chris to companies hours - Ed

    6. ACTION: Send Chris Smith a photo for the website Trustee page - Chris N

  2. Set AGM

    1. Sat 18th April 2020 2pm. Proposals to be submitted by midnight 11th April 2020

    2. Date approved unanimously

    3. ACTION: Send out notice for the AGM - Ed

  3. Banking mandate & member list (we require the banking data)

    1. ACTION: Get data from banking - Dave

    2. ACTION: Get new trustees added to mandate - Dave

  4. H&S visit

    1. ACTION on Ed to arrange

  5. Accounts

    1. ACTION on Ed to book accountant

  6. Work continues to onboard Chris Nash.

End of meeting

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