September Announcement

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Chris Nash

Sep 9, 2021, 1:26:46 PM9/9/21
to Southampton Makerspace

Members Announcement

We thought we would give you an update of upcoming events and changes at SoMakeIt.

Electrical Upgrade

The Electrical upgrade is now finished and we are happy to say that we have made the space a safer and easier place to get creative. There are new lights in both areas as well as hanging sockets in both rooms and lots of other safety extras. Thankyou all for your patience whilst this has been completed.

Workshop Changes

We have moved some of the larger tools around in the workshop to allow us to provide fixed dust extraction for all fixed tooling. The dust extraction project is well underway and we will keep you informed as the work progresses.

Clean Room Changes

In the previous announcement we shared that the sofa needed to be disposed of. We are happy to announce that this has been completed and we now have a new seating area that will allow us to maintain high hygiene standards as well as collaborate more easily on a range of projects. It does not need to be a permanent change and we are looking forward to hearing what you think about it. 

Hack the space day - Saturday 25th September.

Our focus of this month's hack the space day is to bring the members' storage area and clean room up to a good standard by cleaning and organising it.  The space only functions because of the generosity and hard work of you, the members. We are asking for your help to support the space by lending a hand tidying, organising and cleaning for as many or as few hours as you can provide. Please let us know if you are able to make it.

Members storage

As part of our hack the space day, we will be organising members storage. As per members storage policy, every member is entitled to a box on the shelf. Any items that you wish to store long term must fit into the box. We are asking members to come to any of our open evenings to ensure that any stray items on the shelf are claimed before they are disposed of. If you are unable to attend the space for any reason, please let us know and we will happily keep any items in a safe place until you are able to attend.

Members meeting

Our first members meeting for a very long time will be taking place at SoMakeIt on Tuesday 14th September at 8pm. We have many things to discuss, including priorities for what members want to improve in the space and any new tools or materials that members want the space to provide. We ask anyone with any proposals to email or post on the workshop and tools group on Slack what you think we should be purchasing to raise the appeal of the space. This is an important time with money available to regenerate the space and buy tools or machines that will draw in new membership. Please do take the time to share your thoughts. We also want to discuss the formation of teams and what that could look like. Please come and let us know your views. If you are unable to attend for any reason, we can provide access to the meeting via video calling or someone can share your views on your behalf. Please see the agenda for this meeting by clicking the link below:

If you cannot attend this meeting in person, feel free to join us via google hangouts the link can be found below.

Please email with any questions, ideas or opinions regarding the above.

We look forward to seeing you soon

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