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Yung-Yu Chen

Jun 8, 2011, 5:09:31 PM6/8/11

I am pleased to announce version 0.0.7 of SOLVCON.  SOLVCON is a Python-based, multi-physics software framework for solving first-order hyperbolic PDEs.

The source tarball can be downloaded at .  More information can be found at .

In this release, SOLVCON starts to support using incenters or centroids for constructing basic Conservation Elements (BCEs) of the CESE method.  Incenters are only enabled for simplex cells.  Three more examples for supersonic flows are also added, in addition to the new capability.

New features:

- A set of building scripts for dependencies of SOLVCON is written in ``ground/`` directory.  A Python script ``ground/get`` download all depended source tarballs according to ``ground/get.ini``.  A make file ``ground/Makefile`` directs the building with targets ``binary``, ``python``, ``vtk``.  The targets must be built in order.  An environment variable ``$SCPREFIX`` can be set when making to specify the destination of installation.  The make file will create a shell script ``$SCROOT/bin/`` exporting necessary environment variables for using the customized runtime.  ``$SCROOT`` is the installing destination (i.e., ``$SCPREFIX``), and is set in the shell script as well.
- The center of a cell can now be calculated as an incenter.  Use of incenter or centroid is controlled by a keyword parameter ``use_incenter`` of ``solvcon.block.Block`` constructor.  This enables incenter-based CESE implementation that will benefit calculating Navier-Stokes equations in the future.
- More examples for compressible inviscid flows are provided.


- A bug in coordiate transformation for wall boundary conditions of gas dynamics module (``solvcon.kerpak.gasdyn``).

with regards,
Yung-Yu Chen

Yung-Yu Chen

Jun 8, 2011, 8:11:57 PM6/8/11
Hello SOLVCON users,

0.0.7 is the last milestone I've set.  After this release, I am planning a special solver that uses strictly simplices to increase performance.  It might be implemented as an option to solvcon.kerpak.cuse.  I am also planning to add W-4 weighting function/limiter into solvcon.kerpak.cuse, but I have to find a way to avoid the embedded branching in the limiter algorithm.

The main structure of SOLVCON can be further simplified too.  Some ideas have been recorded into the issue tracker.  One thing I want to do but haven't planned well is to remove socket from SOLVCON.  I think a large amount of code can be reduced by the removal.  But more importantly, SOLVCON will scale better.

I will come up with new milestones after figuring these things out.  If you think of anything should be added or improved in SOLVCON, I am very willing to know.


with regards,
Yung-Yu Chen
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