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Yung-Yu Chen

May 18, 2011, 11:50:06 AM5/18/11
to SciPy Users List,

I am pleased to announce version 0.0.6 of SOLVCON.  SOLVCON is a Python-based, multi-physics software framework for solving first-order hyperbolic PDEs.

The source tarball can be downloaded at .  More information can be found at .

SOLVCON now partially supports GPU clusters.  Solvers for linear equations and the velocity-stress equations are updated.  The CESE base solver is enhanced.  This release also contains enhancements planned for 0.0.5, which would not be released.

New features:

- Support GPU clusters.  SOLVCON can spread decomposed sub-domains to multiple GPU devices distributed over network.  Currently only one GPU device per compute node is supported.
- A generic solver for linear equations: ``solvcon.kerpak.lincuse``.  The new version of generic linear solver support both CPU and CPU.
- A velocity-stress equaltions solver is ported to be based on ``solvcon.kerpak.lincuse``.  The new solver is packaged in ``solvcon.kerpak.vslin``.
- Add W-3 weighting scheme to ``solvcon.kerpak.cuse``.  W-3 scheme is more stable than W-1 and W-2.


- Consolidate reading quadrilateral mesh from CUBIT/Genesis/ExodusII; CUBIT uses 'SHELL4' for 2D quad.
- Update SCons scripts for the upgrade of METIS to 4.0.3.

with regards,
Yung-Yu Chen

Yung-Yu Chen

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