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Yung-Yu Chen

Aug 11, 2011, 11:44:48 PM8/11/11

I am pleased to announce version 0.1 of SOLVCON. SOLVCON is a Python-based,
multi-physics software framework for solving first-order hyperbolic PDEs.

The source tarball can be downloaded at . More information can be
found at .

This release marks a milestone of SOLVCON. Future development of SOLVCON will
focus on production use. The planned directions include (i) the high-order
CESE method, (ii) improving the scalability by consolidating the
distributed-memory parallel code, (iii) expanding the capabilities of the
existing solver kernels, and (iv) incorporating more physical processes.

New features:

- Glue BCs are added. A pair of collocated BCs can now be glued together to
work as an internal interface. The glued BCs helps to dynamically turn on or
off the BC pair.
- ``solvcon.kerpak.cuse`` series solver kernels are changed to use OpenMP for
multi-threaded computing. They were using a thread pool built-in SOLVCON for
multi-threading. OpenMP makes multi-threaded functions more flexible in
argument specification.
- Add the ``soil/`` directory for providing building helpers for GCC 4.6.1.
Note, the name ``gcc/`` is deliberately avoided for the directory, because of
a bug in gcc itself (bug id 48306 ).
- Add ``-j`` command line option for building dependencies in the ``ground/``
directory and the ``soil/`` directory. Note that ATLAS doesn't work with
``make -j N``.


- METIS changes its download URL. Modify SConstruct accordingly.

Yung-Yu Chen
+1 (614) 859 2436

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