domain distribution needs implements for Table data structure in c++, or cython?

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Taihsiang Ho

May 22, 2016, 8:29:18 PM5/22/16
Hi, solverconers:

when digging into this issue (issue135),
I found one of the root cause is the lack of the implement to distribute the domains in parallel mode.

Since we are now moving to c++ instead of the cython code, e.g. the pull request #155,
it is a really good time for us to implement it in C++.

However implementing it in cython could fix this issue in a short time and make us have a prototype to make sure the method work.

I propose we implement BOTH because
1. we have to migrate to c++ anyway in accordance with the earlier discussion and conclusion (issue153). Yung-Yu is the best candidate to do that.
2. it is a good chance for me (Taihsiang) to get familiar with the Table structure by implementing the code relevant to it. I could implement the cython part.
3. the cython part could be a part of the unit test or function test for domain distribution in c++.

What do you think? Thanks.


Yung-Yu Chen

May 22, 2016, 8:59:38 PM5/22/16
We should fix / implement the domain decomposition issue in Cython and C++.  Since I am working on the porting from C/Cython to C++ I will address this bug (in C++) sooner or later.  I am still working on taking solvcon.block.Block and solvcon.boundcond.BC to C++.  After they are ported I can work on the domain decomposition issue.

And I agree it’s equally important to fix the existing Cython version so that we can cover it in tests.  It’s surprising that the domain decomposition causes problem because we already have unit tests for it.  But apparently we need to improve the coverage.  We should also revive our CI.  It’s time to get Travis-CI to work.



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