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Demian Katz

Sep 16, 2020, 12:16:47 PM9/16/20



While looking through the SolrMarc wiki, it seems to me that we don’t have a page documenting the operators that are legal in the index specification file. I’m aware, at the very least, of “=” and “+=” and “?=”. I imagine there may be others. I have a feeling that this may have even been discussed on this list before, but it’s hard to search for these operators since search engines do a poor job with random symbols. 😊 I also tried to figure out where they are defined in the code, but had no luck there either; usually I can dig things up in the .lex file, but I didn’t see them at that level.


Anyway, I bring this up for two reasons:


  1. Some of these operators are extremely useful, and it would be useful to make them more front-and-center in the documentation. I’m willing to add a page as a starting point if that would be helpful; just let me know. Obviously it will be limited to what I actually know. 😊
  2. I’m also interested in whether there are more operators I’m not already aware of. In particular, I ran into a use case where it would be helpful to concatenate multiple lines together into a single value (to populate a single-valued Solr field) rather than collecting them into multiple values… but not sure if that’s currently (or even theoretically) possible. Would be good to know!




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