Mother Pelican ~ June 2020

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Luis Gutierrez

May 31, 2020, 11:37:01 PM5/31/20
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A Brief Review of Planet of the Humans by Curt Hill

Planet of the Humans Puts Sacred Cows Out to Pasture by Brian Czech

There Is No Going Back to Normal: Which Way Do We Choose Going Forward? by Kavita Byrd

Will Covid-19 Spur a Peoples' Bailout for the World's Poorest? by Adam Parsons

Towards a Shift in Interdependent Life by Sanja Dejanovic

Coronavirus And Economic Interdependence by Carmine Gorga

Solidarity Economy Roads ~ Chapter 12 - Toward a Civilization of Labor and Solidarity by Luis Razeto Migliaro

When a Pandemic Makes the Impossible, Possible by Dion Forster

Planetary Crisis ~ Our Ecological Dysfunction Has a Marketing Problem by Kristine Mattis

We Will Not Get Out of This Crisis with a New Green Deal but with Old Brown Wisdom by Margarita Mediavilla

The Essential Paradigm Shift by Phyllis Creighton and Derek Paul

Understanding Our Pandemic – Economy Predicament by Gail Tverberg

The Needs of the Moment by Dave Pollard

Global Boom, Pandemic, Crash: Is History Just Repeating Itself? by Andrew Nikiforuk

Why the Renewable Rocket Has Failed to Launch by Art Berman

Planet of the Dehumanized by Gert Van Hecken & Vijay Kolinjivadi

A Universal Basic Income Is Essential and Will Work by Ellen Brown

Why Now is the Time to Think Global by Lisa Marlin

The Case for Degrowth in a Time of Pandemic by Giorgos Kallis, Susan Paulson, Giacomo D'Alisa, Federico Demaria

Is This an Apocalypse? We Certainly Hope So—You Should Too by Catherine Keller & John Thatamanil

Why Does Patriarchy Persist? ~ Part 1: What is patriarchy? by Brian Stout

Why Does Patriarchy Persist? ~ Part 2: How does patriarchy harm us? by Brian Stout

Why Does Patriarchy Persist? ~ Part 3: How do we dismantle it? by Brian Stout

The Climax of Religious Patriarchy and the Renewal of Human Relations by Luis Gutiérrez

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