Mother Pelican ~ January 2021

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Luis Gutierrez

Jan 1, 2021, 12:22:46 AM1/1/21
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Book Summary of Change Our Stories, Change the World
Karen I. Shragg

Love & Waste: Igniting A Permaculture Paradigm Shift ~ A Personal Story, Part I
Cara Judea Alhadeff

The Fractal Biology of Plague and the Future of Civilization
William E Rees

The Impact of Evolutionary Pressures on Economic Narratives
Carey W. King

A Deeper Cultural Shift to Meet the Coronavirus Challenge
Carmine Gorga

A Holistic View of Catabolic Collapse
Karl North

World Federalism in Pope Francis' Latest Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti
Matteo Gorgoni

Human Rights and Population Policy
Philip Cafaro

An Evolutionary Transition Is Coming—Are You Ready?
Robert Cobbold

Seeds of Connection, Seeds of Change: Botanical Folktales for Ecological and Relational Storytelling
Anna Perdibon

Degrowth and the Unmaking of Capitalism
Giuseppe Feola & Olga Koretskaya

Are Humans in a Swarm Stage of Development?
Erik Assadourian

Green Growth vs Degrowth: Are We Missing the Point?
Beth Stratford

Rethinking Democracy From the Perspective of Political Ecology
Victor M. Toledo

Scarcity or Abundance ~ The Horizonal Nature of Social Relations
Frederic Jennings

Order or Disorder ~ A Horizonal Look at Social Entropy
Frederic Jennings

Twenty Reasons to Prefer Degrowth to the Green New Deal
Manuel Casal Lodeiro

2020: The Year Consensus Reality Fractured
Richard Heinberg

Why Are We Not "Fratelli" Yet?
Carmine Gorga

'Fratelli Tutti': Papal Dreams or Vatican Diversion?
Ilia Delio

2020: The Year Things Started Going Badly Wrong
Gail Tverberg

Critical Metals Supply: Industry and Government Just Couldn't Be That Shortsighted, Could They?
Kurt Cobb

Why Human Oppression Happens
John Stoltenberg

How the Bible's View of Power Devastates Theological Patriarchy
Jennifer Reil

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