Mother Pelican ~ February 2022

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Luis Gutierrez

Jan 31, 2022, 10:20:13 PMJan 31
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Mother Pelican ~ February 2022

Ecology? Look It Up! You're Still Involved
Rex Weyler

Interlude 1 ~ Blood Chocolate—A Call for Bioregionalism
Cara Judea Alhadeff

Protecting Half the Planet and Transforming Human Systems Are Complementary Goals
Eileen Crist et al

Social Cohesion Is Vital, and We're Losing It
Richard Heinberg

Life in a Degrowth Economy and Why You'll Love It
Erin Remblance

We Are a House Divided, but Amazingly United
Eliza Daley

The Age of Energy Disruptions: Learning to Use a Lot Less
François-Xavier Chevallerau

Techno-utopia Unravelling: Why Complexity Is No Longer Solving Our Problems
Kurt Cobb

The Unravelling Begins ~ The Energy Cost of Energy, the Reality of Scarcity, the Scarcity of Reality
Tim Morgan

How the New Fascists Finally Won the Propaganda War
Dave Pollard

No Future Under Plutocracy: Why Winning a Post-Growth Green New Deal Requires a Transition to Real Democracy
Aaron Karp

Why the Internet Itself Is a Major Environmental Problem
Robin Scher

Energy Reality for the United States of America
Richard Heinberg

Hydrocarbons: Consume More to Produce Less
Louis Delannoy

How to Build An Economy that Does Not Need to Grow: Ideas from System Dynamics
Margarita Mediavilla

On Technology's Past and Future
Brian Tokar

Prolegomena to Christian Environmental Ethics ~ Part 3
Walter Scott Stepanenko

Degrowth Is About Global Justice
Jason Hickel

The Pro-Growth Demographic Dogma
Joseph Chamie

Insights into the Interdependence of Growth, Structure, Size, and Resource Consumption of the Economy
Carey W. King

2022: Energy Limits Are Likely to Push the World Economy into Recession
Gail Tverberg

The Wonders of the Hydrogen Economy
Erik Assadourian

Death by a Thousand Lies
Dorothy Woodend

From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus ~ Sequel 2 ~ Human Supremacy
Luis T. Gutiérrez

Human development in harmony with nature is the existential challenge of our time. The goal of this journal is to foster integral human development and an integral ecology.

You are invited to submit comments, suggestions, and articles for publication. Deadline is the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month.


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