Mother Pelican ~ December 2020

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Luis Gutierrez

Dec 1, 2020, 12:47:54 AM12/1/20
to solidarity-sustainability group
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Invitation to Join the Blue Planet Club in Support of the Blue Planet's Systems of Life
Don Chisholm

Healing the Hearts and Minds of America
Jody Tishmack

No Matter Who Wins the Election, We Are on the Cusp of Major Change
Nate Hagens

The Economic Superorganism: Book Excerpt
Carey W. King

Some Social Implications of Concordian Economics
Carmine Gorga

The Covid Pandemic: Broadening the Discourse
Asoka Bandarage

After the COVID-19 Crisis: Two Possible Futures
Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski, et al

Toward Global Sharing ~ Has the Time Come for a Universal Basic Income?
Adam Parsons

The Necessary Alternative to Growth is Degrowth
Dick Burkhart

A New Stark Clarity ~ What Happens Next?
Tim Morgan

Energy Is the Economy ~ Shrinkage in Energy Supply Leads to Conflict
Gail Tverberg

Artificial Intelligence, Human Supremacy ~ Grace Versus Dystopia
Eileen Crist

The Meat of the Matter: Diet, Climate, and the Steady State Economy
Haley Demircan

Thresholds, Cascades, and Wicked Problems
Rex Weyler

Resources for a Better Future: Renewable Energy
Alf Hornborg

Eco-Stalinism: A Tongue-in-Cheek Manifesto
Part 4 - The Green Man of Steel

Giorgio Baruchello

Rescuing Civilization: Does the Conservative/Progressive Rift Pose an Existential Threat to Humanity?
Donovan C. Wilkin

Environmental Movements Need to Critique Capitalism, Not Overpopulation
Sangeetha Thanapal

Orange Cone Headaches: Construction in an Overpopulated, Pro-Growth World
Karen I. Shragg

Making America Ungovernable
Richard Heinberg

Eco-productivism: Ecological Transition is a Political Issue
Louison Cahen-Fourot

Toward an Age of Low Tech for a More Resilient and Sustainable Society
Philippe Bihouix

Diversifying Power: Why We Need Antiracist, Feminist Leadership on Climate and Energy
Book Review by Jane K. Brundage

On Laudato Si', Fratelli Tutti, and the Terminal Decline of Patriarchal Civilization
Luis T. Gutiérrez

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