Up to 500 Wh per kg Solid State Lithium Ion Cell for Future Solar Cars?

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William Lynch

Jun 8, 2016, 2:56:08 PM6/8/16
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A colleague forwarded an article about a startup company in Michigan called Sakti3 that is developing a new solid state lithium ion battery. The company claims it can provide twice the energy density of current lithium ion cells at a cost as low as $100 per kWh. The prototype cell was very small and the company was recently sold.

A very high specific energy battery may not be optimal for a solar car if it has low specific power and high impedance which could impact round trip efficiency.
Does anyone know what the expected specific power and impedance is for such a cell?

A cell with a solid state electrolyte may have issues if vibration and shock from bumps on the road could cause the solid state electrolyte to crack.
Does anyone know if this would be a likely issue in the Sakti3 cell or other solid state cells?

Cycle life is not generally a significant issue for a solar car however it is an important specification for batteries used in electric cars, hybrid electric cars and energy storage for electric utilities.
Does anyone know the expected cycle life for the Sakti3 cell or similar cells under development by other companies?

Other high specific energy technologies include lithium sulfur and lithium ion using silicon anode materials in place of carbon under development by companies including Scion Power and Panasonic.
Has anyone heard about progress in these cell technologies?

Bill Lynch

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