Solar and Wind Energy for the home?

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Nov 17, 2008, 3:22:28 PM11/17/08
to Solar Turbine
High prices are just the tip of the energy crisis iceberg. Now is the
time to think about how we use our natural resources before your
wallet gets hit any harder. More people are looking to renewable
energy sources to help offset these costs and to remove our dependence
on finite energy sources. Solar and wind are two of the easiest
renewable energy sources for a homeowner to use, but professional
installation is costly.

Surprisingly, do it yourself solar panel and wind generator kits are
easy to find and easy to use. With large companies like GE producing
these kits, the build your own solar panel sets are very affordable
and offer quicker return on your investment than purchasing and
professionally installing a solar energy system. In general the
instructions are easy to follow, even for teens and children, and in
no time you are on your way to your own solar or wind power system. My
blog talks more about this at

Today, no one has to be beholden to the large energy companies any
longer. Paying the high prices is no longer a fact of life, but a
choice. If you choose to continue to pay the high energy prices, then
good luck. I for one, will be generating my own power. I'll say hi
when the next storm hits and everyone except me is without power.
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