Re-birth for this solar buddies list??

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John Allen

Dec 29, 2009, 11:08:21 PM12/29/09
to solar buddies
I just approved three pending requests to join this list. The list has
been inactive for quite awhile. Perhaps it would serve some useful
purpose. I started in many moons ago as a semiprivate chat among a few
of us that were interested. Let's each make a short introduction of
who we are and what we might want to use this list for. I'll go first.

I'm an ex-software engineer who has spent a few years looking for a
way to help make progress towards a more sustainable energy situation.
I build a solar thermal system in 2006 that is still working and can
be checked via a data system my son built ==>
and one I purchased ==>

Neither of the above were intended for anyone other than myself to
view, so I make no apologies for them not being user friendly.

My current focus in learning to retro-comission the HVAC systems in
commercial building. I'm most of the way through a year this year long
workshop =>

I'd like to use the list as a small and friendly community to share
info related to reducing our dependence on burning fossil fuel.


Tony Luck

Dec 31, 2009, 2:12:24 PM12/31/09
On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 8:08 PM, John Allen <> wrote:
> You??

Hi John,

Long time no see. Happy New Year (in just thirteen hours here in the
left coast).

I'm a computer programmer working on Linux for high-end systems (mostly Itanium,
but also some X86 as more mission critical features become available on them).

I had a solar PV system installed on my house in November 2006 by Akeena Solar.
Like John, I also have a home produced web-based monitor:

Since installation I've been focusing on reducing energy use in my home (yes, I
know you are supposed to do the energy reductions first so you can buy a smaller
PV array :-) This year I was a net producer of power for May->August.
I still have
a long way to go before my annual power usage gets to zero though.

My biggest single saving was ditching my cable box and TiVo (40W each 24x7) and
replacing them with AT&T U-verse (set-top box only uses 13W when idle). Possible
next target may be the refrigerator (~10 years old) ... especially if
the rumours of
a cash-for-clunkers like program for appliances turn to reality.


John Allen

Dec 31, 2009, 6:09:15 PM12/31/09
Hello Tony,

I remember you as the person who suggested I put a mechanical time switch on the 80 watt fluorescent shop lite in my garage. That has worked like a champ for these last 3 years. (Time flies)

I too unplugged my Tivo. I plug it back in for the rare TV event that I care about.



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