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Welcome to the Software Preservation Network public Google group!

This list is used to share announcements, spark discussion, share ideas, solicit feedback and stay in the loop about the activities of SPN - members, affiliated projects, etc. 
Posts on this list from 2014 were part of a public brainstorm on methods of implementation for the Software Preservation Network. Since 2015, generous support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services has enabled the creation and continued growth of the Network. In 2016, the Software Preservation Network Forum resulted in a community timeline and the creation of a series of working groups to address major areas of work for software preservation. Visit the SPN Website and the SPN Open Science Framework repository for documentation about our activities since 2016. 
In 2017, we migrated our SPN email subscriber list to this group in order to streamline communications with and between members of the SPN Community-at-Large. Members and non-members are welcome to join.

Thank you for subscribing - see you on the list!