Can I get some help with modelling a pneumatic actuator in Simulia Abaqus?

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Jan 16, 2022, 11:04:24 PM1/16/22
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I am trying to model the pneumatic actuator in Abaqus as described here:
Everything is explained quite elaborately however I am stuck in setting the mesh type for the inextensible layer as described in the "Set mesh type" section here
The same thing is described in a video here :
In the first half of the video they set mesh type for the hyperelastic material and in the second half for the inextensible layer. On selecting "Assign element type" we are prompted to select the regions to be assigned element types. I am able to select the hyperelastic material (as shown in the video) however when I am trying to select the inextensible layer (the rectangular sheet, as shown in the second half of the video), I am not able to select it i.e. it is not being highlighted after clicking on it. I have followed the video/website tutorial exactly at least 4-5 times but every time I get stuck there. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out

Gracie Marconi

Feb 16, 2022, 11:07:21 PM2/16/22
to Soft Robotics Toolkit Forum

I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution?


Jialan Sun

Nov 6, 2022, 3:39:14 PM11/6/22
to Soft Robotics Toolkit Forum
same problem
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