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Oct 6, 2022, 4:16:56 AM10/6/22
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; Newsville
#586 - Thursday 06th October, 2022


Every Thursday, No Man's Sky's out on Switch tomorrow!


; Hello World
It's quarter to nine at night.
This morning my plan was to add a rather simple tweak to SpikeDislike.
First had to "just" finish off the week's ALChoon.  I opened the project, and out of ideas for lyrics, asked OpenAI for some help.
OpenAI gave me a nice fairytale-like story and after a bit of wrangling of the various TTS engines, I found a nice child-like voice to read out the short story.
Put together, it worked great..  But now I had to make a video for it that would work well with the story..

To say that Apple Motion has a really annoying quirk is a bit of an understatement..
Any time you add an image to the timeline, it seems to want to exist for the entire duration of the video..  Except it starts wherever the timeline cursor currently is, and then extends to CurrentTime+VideoLength, rather than just VideoLength..
So if you're halfway through the video timeline and add a picture, the picture's length extends far beyond the end of the timeline, and you literally can't scroll far enough along to grab the end of the image's length and drag it back down.
Instead, you have to slide the entire object far to the left, then reduce it far enough, then slide it back to the right, to where you had the time cursor.

It's incredibly frustrating, especially when you're adding a whole bunch of images to the timeline.

And then there's the fact that, for whatever the hell reason, pinch-zoom completely buggers up on the timeline, so you ALWAYS have to drag the little slidey knob, down in the middle of the screen at the bottom.
..  Which is pretty much right where your mouse has to be to trigger the MacOS Dock to show up, so you inadvertently end up opening the Amiga Emulator, because you accidentally clicked its icon for the 78th time today.

I do like the program, but .. seriously... come on now, Apple..

(Sorry, got a bit ranty, there..  Apologies)


; N64 Controller
Spinal's been hacking controllers again!
Complicated maths and lookup-tables and such, to convert modern thumbsticks to work on an N64, and .. presumably the other way around, too?  Not sure.
Either way, there's coding to be done, and figuring shit out as he goes along, and that's always the fun bit!!

; SpikeDislike
For the 3859th time since its discovery back in 2010, Jay's made yet another bloody version of SpikeDislike.
With tons of testing over the past couple of weeks, the new version seems to be working smoothly enough for most people.
There are currently 3 editions of the same theme in the engine.  An easy mode, a classic mode, and a daily randomly generated mode, which makes for some interesting daily scores.
Now to make a couple of themes..  Get back to work, Jay, you lazy git..


; DallE Time!
OpenAI have opened DallE's doors a little further.  There's now a proper sign-up page, instead of the old Wait List.
Why not register, and see if you can create something for the creativity threads..?
Or just have a piss about, and annoy all your followers on Instagram, by constantly posting crazy AI generated images instead of photos of your cat..


; Captain Ishtar
Help the Captain investigate the mysterious planet "Petit-4", in this multi-part adventure game for Commodore 64.
Available as .d64, .tap or .prg from itch.io, the game can be played on Emulator or presumably the real thing, too.


; RIP Stadia
Google does what we all expected Google to do, and kills off something that isn't amazingly super amazingly popular.
Stadia's gone the way of the OUYA.


; Mind Poke - October 2022
The first proper Mind Poke is now underway, and with words such as Wibble, Disallowed, Outclimbs and Split, there's a whole crazy amount of things to be made.
Rockford's making an exotic plant out of LEGO, AndyH is testing out his new Art package, and Rychan's playing with tiles.
It's all a big bucket full of creativity, and if you'd like to join in, head on over to the thread and see what you can come up with.

; QOTD - October
The QOTD thread has made it through the entirety of September without becoming irrelevant and ignored!  Huzzah!
Semi-popular Features FTW!
.. That's how you do that, Google.


; What a Talent

; Munky!

; Weird Sad Dudes
They don't like things

; Technobabble


; Magnets!!!
Will your CDs succumb to the dangers of the magnets?
Techmoan investigates


; Transporters
Beam me up!

; Farewell
Steve Wright presents his final "In the Afternoon"
The full episode is available on BBC Sounds

Outdoor Pursuits

; Road Trip

In Composition

Andrew and Rob create 99 musical riffs

80s Cover Corner


Stop That Cover




MovieCover Corner


Saw this group in an advert on tv the other day..  Can't for the life of me remember what it was advertising, though, so.. guess that didn't work!!

VGRemix Corner




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