#620 - Return of the Mark

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Mar 1, 2024, 6:57:59 AMMar 1
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; Return of the Mark
#620 - Friday 1st March, 2024


Well, that's JSE dead, then!


; Hello World

Welcome to March.
The March of the AI.
The March towards having nothing to do.
The March towards needing to find a new hobby.

Perhaps I should finally start to make use of that drawer full of electronics stuff, and actually building something productive with it all.
Gonna need a soldering iron at some point, I reckon.


; What We Did
The occasional thread asking what you've done for the past short while.
This week, we look back at February 2024, which I almost typed as February 2022.
Let us know what your month's been like.

Return of...

; Mark's Back!
He's going to attempt something called LibSGD, which will be a library that could potentially be a new Blitz3D.
Touted as "a simple game development library for use with multiple platforms and languages", I really do hope that this one pans out.
I know he's attempted a couple of little projects since he "quit" development, but as his introductory post suggests, this one should hopefully be easy enough to build up using the bits and pieces that he's developed in the past.

On the side of MacOS tests, the test runs fine in UTM on Win11ARM, once more shoving a great big V-sign to anyone who claims that UTM can't run certain games because it doesn't have a graphics driver.
Mark sure does know how to code an engine that actually works.
Go Mark!!
Bring on the awesome!!!

; Grisu's Back!
Grisu stumbled upon BlitzCoder.net, a domain name that I very very nearly gave up on, this year.  Glad I didn't!
Why not head on over to the thread and say hi-again to Grisu, after all these years.

Fun Fact : Grisu was last mentioned on the site back in 2013!

AI Stuffage

; May As Well Give Up
Matt Wolfe's latest video is all about the inevitable death of coding, and how the future will be about asking for code, rather than writing it.
Will we all be out of a job in the future?  And how far away is that future?
I certainly hope there's space for us hobbyests in this amazing AI powered future.  If nothing else, we'll be the "Classic" makers of oldskool games.
Doing things in the old fashioned way.
Like those people who set up old western towns, and pretend to be living in the era of the first settlers..
We'll be that, but writing endless iterations of pong.  By hand.  Using keywords and commands.
All hail the flashing yellow cursor!


AGameAWeek's been a little stunted this week.
Not a lack of content, more a lack of being as productive as I normally am.

I built up a shoerack, last week, and filled it with consoles, but am still trying to work out how best to organise all the cable-chaos without it looking like cable-chaos.
Midway through, I played around with all my mini-consoles, including the PlayJam Flare/Puck thing.

I spent days farting about with No Man's Sky, playing with graphics settings and trying get it playing in the best way possible.

Then I finally got some work done on the week's ALChoon and got that done and dusted though it was a day later than my regular schedule.

Oh, and then I built up some drawer units, too.

Still haven't coded a game, this week, though, and that's not good!
Not good at all, Jay.
Get back to work!!


If you'd like to see your AI Art in a future AI Gallery, PM them my way, or post them to the DallE3 Thread, and I'll pick out a few for next week's Newsletter.

"Cartoon @Derek pulls his hair out trying to solve a maths problem"

"A cockatoo wearing a Breaking Bad outfit"

"A multi-tentacled alien creature learns to appreciate the classic gameplay of Gameboy Tetris"

"The tiny computer pixel people have to clean up after a game of tetris goes horribly wrong."

"A beautiful sunset over the Mushroom Kingdom. Sonic and Tails are lost."

"Claymation scene, the bbblaggabom goes shopping"

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