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Feb 22, 2023, 6:40:57 PM2/22/23
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; DCI Jane Tennison
#601 - Thursday 23rd February, 2023


Every Thursday, Caaaaake


; Hello World

Having to hastily cobble together this week's newsletter, since I've spent almost the entirety of the past couple of days farting about with Stable Diffusion again.
This week I've been trying to train the thing to understand what Platdude is, and how to draw him.
Not having eyes or ears or a mouth or hands or feet or even hair, has made it alarmingly difficult to train the engine to draw the character properly.
As I type this, I'm doing another training doohickey in the background, and my fingers are all crossed.
..  All except the ones that are typing this text.
Maybe I should get ChatGPT to write the majority of the newsletter.  'cos they've butchered Bing's abilities.

Oh, and also, there's still no MacOS edition of No Man's Sky yet, even though everyone was hyped up for it to have been showing up on the 22nd Feb, alongside the PSVR2 edition.



; Fractal Fun!
Pakz brings us a fantastic little Fractal snippet. Originally posted by AMOS creator Francois Lionet, Pakz converted the code over to Javascript, and the results are really quite lovely.
It creates a bunch of little leaves on a branch, and it's truly quite remarkable.
Jay couldn't figure out how it was doing what it was, so recoded it in JSE.  .. And still doesn't understand how it's doing what it does.
A truly baffling bit of code.

; Wolf-in-256
Pakz also found a single string of code that creates a faux-3D arena in 256 characters of Javascript.
Jay didn't even try to convert this code to JSE, because good grief is it baffling!

; Noggin Work
Spinal continues to work on his Noggin game for SmileBASIC.
Text, Backgrounds and more have all been added, over the course of just a few days.


; Duplicate Polls
Dan picks up on a repeated poll from only 10 days ago.
For shame.
This is what happens when you as ChatGPT to come up with a ton of poll ideas, then cram them all into a text file and hit the randomise button..
I've suggested, yet again, that people might like to contribute some polls of their own, that I can throw into the big bag of polls.
If you'd like to submit some polls, see the thread for tips on how best to do it.
Oh, and the site-wide poll BBCode hasn't been worked on for about a week..  I'll get 'round to that, some time!!


A couple of brief game threads in passing.
TomToad has been playing the cat-questing game, Stray, but didn't really post too much about it.
Where's all the cute little kitty cat screenshots :(

Meanwhile, those old 8-bit Bill and Ted games finally showed up on the Nintendo Switch, albeit in digital form.
Spinal wonders if the physical editions will ever show up.


; Bing-Go
After the absolute chaos at the start of the week, Microsoft decided to lobotomise Bing via the method of limiting it to around 5 replies per chat.  This means the whole "teaching Bing how to code in a language, then asking it to create something cool, then guiding it to do so" is completely out of the question now.
Bing will just about get to the "Oh, you mean like BASIC?  I can do that!" stage of the conversation, before it starts complaining that you'll need to refresh the chat.
What a waste!!
Hopefully they can find a way around that, because it was SO good before!


; Hoops
This week I had a great hexagonal board game in mind for Shoebox, but when it came to fighting mechanics, I got stuck on the whole "Animated dice roll battles are boring as fuck" issue that I have with Boardgame Videogames, and I scrapped the entire project as a result.
Instead, a game with hoops.  It'll do.

; Hedgehog
I'm not proud of the video this one.  Even whilst writing the choon I had an epic video in mind of a little animated hedgehog going on an incredible adventure.
Such plans went way out the window after a restless night, the cat yelling like a crazed baboon, and more or less the end of a fairly rough week.
Bah, humbug.
The choons great, though :D


; QOTD Thread
This week's Questions of the Days have included things about robots, friends, and lying about your age.
Did you know that robots make up at least 83% of the population of Milton Keynes?
Rockford not only has to dodge falling rocks, in order to grab all of the gems, he now has robots to avoid, too.


; New SyntaxBomb
Qube's been having such a bad time with hackers, lately.  After finding some kind of hole late last year, (approx) they've been poking the site and taking it down repeatedly ever since.
This week Qube had enough, and took the time to completely overhaul the forum from scratch, grabbing a newer version of SMF, and judging every plugin as it gets installed.
All previous posts and accounts all seem to be fully functional.  All is golden!

Podcast Section

; John Altman
He's done a lot, from Monty Python, to Bjork, and more oddities in-between.
What will John be putting into the Time Capsule?

; RIP : Burt Bacharach
Coverville has a special tribute episode.

; Cariad Lloyd
Cariad talks of fame, and also quite a lot about death and grief.

; Gates McFadden + William Shatner
Captain Kirk talks to another Captain's Doctor.
I can't seem to find a good link to the specific episode, but it "should" show up correctly if you click the link at time of this Newsletters release!
..  otherwise, you may have to scroll and hunt.

Bonus Tube

; Puppetry
Hurray for puppets!

ChatGPT's Poetry of the Week

Oh, who doesn't love a cake,
With frosting on top that's hard to break?
From chocolate to vanilla and all the rest,
A slice of cake is just the best!

Red velvet, lemon, and carrot too,
There are so many flavours from which to choose.
With every slice, we feel so great,
A perfect way to celebrate!

Whether it's a birthday or just because,
A slice of cake can bring so much applause.
So grab a fork and dig right in,
A cake is always a sweet win!

Cake, cake, oh how we love,
A dessert that's sent down from above!
With every bite, we can't help but smile,
A slice of cake makes life worthwhile!

{ -------------------
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