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Feb 15, 2023, 6:05:10 PM2/15/23
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; Too Many Newsletters!
#600 - Thursday 16th February, 2023


Every Thursday, or Friday, or whenever I do these.


; Hello World

600, eh?
If I'd've been doing this *every* week since May 2009, we'd be up to number 719 by now.
Given I mostly abandoned everything for a majority of 2012, and that I've skipped tons of weeks here and there, I'm surprised we're only 119 short.
That's not bad going!

This week's newsletter is mostly about AI stuff, as the entire site seemed to take quite a focussed detour, delving into all manner of AI generation stuff.  It's kinda overtaken the majority of the site, if I'm honest.  Sorry about that.  It's mostly my fault.  I've been pissing about with various forms of AI for a while now, and it's only getting crazier!!

If you've coded anything, rather than just asking a computer to do it like I've been doing, then feel free to share it somewhere on the forum in-between all of my chaos.


; Pakz' Art
Pakz has been doing more of that lovely Pixelart practising that he does every so often, and has rounded up most of what he's been posting to Twitter over the past week.
There's all manner of things, ranging from walls with shadows, bushes and trees, fences and more.
With all of that stuff, I would, as always, love to see him create some kind of game with the results, but we'll have to wait and see if anything comes of these.
Hop along and let him know what you think of his art, and whether he oughta buy an Apple Pencil!


; Two Chats, One Thread
Jay's had a lot of fun with chatty bots, this week.
On Saturday, he asked ChatGPT to be an adventure game, and it managed it for a good while, before it inevitably forgot what it was doing and started complaining that it was just an AI Chat Bot
On Sunday, Jay was let in to play with the Bing ChatBot, and the experimentation and testing was intense.
As was AIAK!
Bok, Bok, Bok!
By Monday, Bing was coding fluently in GotoJSE, generating an entire solar system, and on Tuesday it was coding a version of the Mystify Screensaver with an added text-scroller.

; AI Music for your Content
I'm not 100% sure this is "A.I.", though.  I think it's more a case of them having a whole shedload of small chunks of audio, and piecing them together at the point of use.
Either way, it's a fantastic way to get just the right sort of sound you need.
You can play around with it for free, but if you want to make use of the audio, it'll be $19.99 a month.
(Though, according to the FAQ, you can pay a month, grab a fuckton of music, then cancel, and continue to use the music you downloaded afterwards.)


; Geometric Galaxy
Pick up the stars from the Geometric maze, and blast away the evil shapes as they fly through space.
Another lovely looking GotoJSE game, if I do say so myself.
Me, Me, Me!

; ALChoon
Turbulent Geometry ended up being not as offensive as I thought it might.
Earlier on last week when it was called Turbulent Ground, and it was all about listening to the sound of the beat from the ground...
.. And then the tragic Türkiye earthquake news emerged, and all of a suddenly it was incredibly-credibly offensive..
I hope I tweaked it "enough" ..  The name change, at the very least, helped a lot, and a couple of reworks of the lyrics had to be done, too.
It's passable, I think.
What do you think?


; Nom/Vom
Rockford eats more mystery treats from the mystical box of mysterious mysteries!
And, no, I don't know why I just wrote it like that..

; Watcha' Watchin'?
The Streaming thread continues with suggestions for movies, series, football and more.
Reeuw, Football?
Sssh, don't tell Nicholas Cage..
Picard Series 3 starts on Friday, I think, if anyone can be arsed with that..?

; QOTD Thread
This week's questions include musical tastes, ways to motivate yourself, and an unanswered one about what you'd never do in front of your partner.


Nothing to report, really.
I'm quite, quite happy to report that nobody's been using the Downvote button, though.  That's good to see.
This either means that I'm not over-moderating, or that everyone's too scared to click the downvote button because I AM over-moderating.
Either way, the site's feeling much more code/creativity centric over the past couple of weeks, even if it is mostly AI based creativity.
I'd like to thank you all for helping to keep me somewhat sane, even if you aren't aware you're doing it!
Keep it up, and stay as creative as you can.
*ascii hugs*

Podcast Section

; Zelda : The Animated Series
Aaah, 80s.  Lovely!!
A podcast all about the cheesy Zelda cartoon that we all grew up with.

; Redo From Start
Stephen Merchant gives Richard Herring another chance, after the horrendous interview they did a decade ago.

Hear the original interview here.

; Floor Three : Sprites and Particles
Enjoy half an hour of glorious elevator music, courtesy of the Legacy Music Hour

Bonus Tubeage

; Hold onto my Fur

Bing's Poetry of the Week

I have 600 newsletters in my inbox
They tell me all about the Socoder.net forum
They show me games and art and music and code
They make me feel like I'm part of a big quorum

But I don't really need 600 newsletters
They take up too much of my time and my space
They distract me from my own work and my hobbies
They clutter up my mind with too much information

So I decide to delete 600 newsletters
I say goodbye to all the Socoder.net threads
I thank them for their updates and their features
But I tell them I need some peace and quiet instead

Now I have zero newsletters in my inbox
I feel much lighter and happier and free
I can focus on my own projects and goals
And I can still visit Socoder.net when I want to see

{ -------------------
{ Load, Next List!

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