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Sep 29, 2022, 5:53:07 AM9/29/22
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; Fugue in News
#585 - Thursday 29th September, 2022


Every Thursday, with a Dressing Gown on.  It's getting cold!!


; Test, Test and Test Again

I've been trying to get a nice smooth engine for a rewrite of SpikeDislike.com, but so far everything I've tried has had a bucketload of perils and pitfalls.
From a WebGL engine that overdoes things to the point of slowdown even on my MacM1, to a VR engine that, although nice, isn't quite as nice on a mobile device.
Users have been running the stress test on multiple devices and coming out with such vastly different results that it's all kinds of frustrating to try and find just the right Goldilocks-Spike.

As the migraine grows, so do the number of tests that I've uploaded to the server, in the hopes that the right one will pop out of the ether, and I can finally relax and actually make some themes for a change.

..  I've yet to even test music streaming.
God only knows what that'll do to the server!

If you'd like to test, and make suggestions, do so in the thread below.


After the remarkable success of his CRT Degauss Emulator, Spinal's created a "border" that wraps around your video player and makes it all lovely and homely.
There's 3 borders to choose from, or I'm sure you you could maybe create your own and then send it to Spinal for use in future editions of the program.

; Arduino IDE 2.0
Steve lets us know that Arduino's main development IDE has had a fairly major update.
I only used the Arduino interface for a few short months, doing that Creativity Crate that ultimately went nowhere.
Have you made more frequent use out of it than that?
Let us know what you've made, in the thread.


; Prepare for Mind Poke
In a couple of days, the first Mind Poke will be happening.
A monthly jumble of words to pick and choose from, in the hope that it pokes a form of creativity in your mind.
You can join in in any number of ways.
Pick from any number of the month's given creative words, and use them to inspire a new videogame, a random bit of graphics, a lovely painting, some music, or even a short story.
However you're inspired, whatever you create, post the results to the forum, and don't forget to include a word that could be used in the next month's Mind Poke.
It all starts on Saturday, and if you'd like to give us a "free!" random word, jot it into the thread.

It's time to get creative.
Prepare for the Mind Poke!


; Pixel Art
Jay's been using Pixelmator Pro on MacOS for the past couple of years, but with every update it's moving away from Pixels, and more into the realm of Painting.
This isn't good for all of Jay's spriting work, so he asks for suggestions of replacement pixelart tools.
AndyH's suggestion of Aseprite has been selected, and has been used for the past few days to help with the Daily Platdude Pixelarts.
Seems like Jay's happy with it.
.. But are there any better tools out there!?


; Electrobots
If you're sick of guiding Repton through a game that definitely isn't a Balderdash clone, or telling Podd to Pop, then you can now use your BBC Micro to play a new and exciting underground adventure game.
Gather up the diamonds inside the mines, and watch out for those spikes!
Available as a Disk image, a Tape image, or one of those newfangled "EXE" things for whatever a "Windows" computer is..?


; Extended URL
Jay's "Showcase Snippet in the Frontpage" code is so badly hacked together than a simple URL caused the entire front-page of the site to expand into chaotic mess.
Jay decided to manually tweak the showcase, rather than fix the site, because he's too damn lazy to fix the site.
Jay should definitely have fixed the site.


; Solar Time
With insanely increasing energy prices, now might be a good time to start looking towards the possibility of adding Solar Panels to your home.
Have you ever looked into it?
What's a good way to get started down the Solar route?
We've got a Solar Panel on our outdoor camera.. ..  *shrugs*


; PG Roxette
More from PG Roxette, with an album due on the 28th of October

; Round and Round

; Deadpool



; Dardis
WTF is a Dardis???


; Naked Now?
Allison looks back at the Next Generations filthy robot-sex episode.

Retro Pursuits

; C64 OS

Classical Cover Corner


Stop That Cover




TVCover Corner


VGRemix Corner


VGCover Corner


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