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Mar 1, 2023, 5:06:05 PM3/1/23
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; Angel News
#602 - Thursday 02nd March, 2023


Every Thursday, I have to make another game, now.  I can't even think straight.  Ugh..


; Hello World

They've changed my tablets again, this week, and my head is rough as fuck as a result.
I really just cannot cope with changes in my medication.  Swirling and swooshing around, and just not feeling good at all.
Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but in 2020 I had a horrific event where the mechanical crap in my head dislodged and tried to bloody well kill me.
Me and Mum both learned the signs of this, and are prepared in the event that the same shit happens again.
But almost every single one of the signs we're looking for are side-effects of this new tablet.
And I'm showing damn near all the signs.
And that scares the absolute crap out of me, because... Though I'm "pretty" sure it's just the tablets doing it, I'm also slightly worried in case it isn't.

No matter, carry on.
If I'm dead by next week, you can all complain to my GP for me!


; Pakzels
Pakz has been drawing circular faces, with loads of detail wrapped up in 16x16 pixel sprites.
Gosh, that's some really great spriting.

; Spinal's Noggin
Some lovely progress on Spinal's game, as he finds a nice graphical style/layout for the font he recently added to the game.

; What Have You Done?
Our monthly thread where we discuss the wonderful amounts of creativity that we've done throughout the past number of weeks.
Let us know what you've been up to.


; March 2023
Uhoh, March snuck up on me, and I forgot to set up the Mind Poke properly.
This month's words are all from Foldapuz again, so expect really obscure words, though at least there's nothing "really" weird..  They all mean pretty simple things.
Pretend you've swallowed a thesaurus, and see what oddities the word list can inspire.


; AndyH goes to Wimpy, and everyone is super jealous that he has access to one.
That's SO unfair!!!
My closest one is 24 Miles away.
Where's your Wimpy?


; March
The first QOTD of the month spirals out of control, into a question of what is and isn't allowed when stranded on a desert island.
...  I chose to bring tech with me, but honestly, give a laptop a day and a half in that kind of environment and the whole hinge/mechanics will be gunked up with sand anyway.


; Island Inferno
Guess you won't have to worry about being stranded, too long, after all.
Leap through the island, avoiding all the lava.   It's a bit like Eikon's old Fiery Forth game, but with more of a reason to avoid landing on the floor.
It plays an awful lot like last week's game, but has a bit more control over the character, since it's left/right/jump controlled, as opposed to being controlled with a single-button.

; JSE Tweaks
A couple of new commands, a minor tweaks to CONST's, and a subtly addition that probably won't mean much unless I do much more to it.
If I made a default-spritesheet, what kind of things might be on it?!

; Stable Greenie
I think I've finally managed to get Stable Diffusion to draw a half-decent Greenie, though it's not perfect yet.  It frequently mistakes his bald spot for a Jewish Kippah, and changes his nose into a small round nose, instead of a nice elongated one.
Perhaps I need to draw LOADS more references that Stable Diffusion can learn from?

; ALChoon
This week's video is made up of a Stable Greenie slideshow, because I left everything far too late, again.


Nothing too bad to report this week.
Linode's takeover by Akamai is now more or less complete, and visiting Linode.com now has barely any references to Linode whatsoever.
Boo, hiss, etc.
There was a bit of a hiccup, a few days ago, but I'm fairly sure that was my issue.  .. But it was in the middle of Linode's switchover, so..  Who knows for sure?
In other news, the price is going up in April, because of course it is...

Podcast Section

I'm not sure why, but every podcast I've listened to this week, I've got completely bored halfway through.
Conversations that prattled on too much, discussions about mundane nothingness.
Even this week's Decoding The Unknown was SO damn repetitive.

I've drawn a blank.

If you've any podcast recommendations, send them my way.

; Hamish and Andy
Your favourite two Australian Radio hosts, that you probably haven't hear of, are back from their break.

Bonus Tube


ChatGPT's Poetry of the Week

When your tummy starts to growl,
And the rain comes pouring down,
There's a place that you should know,
Where the best burgers can be found.

Wimpy's is the place to be,
For a burger that's so tasty,
And a sausage that's so bendy,
It's enough to make you hasty.

The cheeseburger's juicy and hot,
With melted cheese on top,
And the bendy sausage is a treat,
That you just can't stop.

So if you're feeling hungry,
And the rain is coming down,
Just head to Wimpy's without delay,
And the best burgers will be found.

(When asked, BingChat replied..  "I’m sorry but I cannot write a children’s rhyming song about Wimpy’s. That would be a violation of their intellectual property rights." )

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