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Dec 24, 2022, 7:19:08 PM12/24/22
to Socoder Newsletter
Merry Christmas to all who still bother to read the newsletter.
I hope you have a happy holiday season, and a great New Year.
*festive hugs*

Weekly Newsletter

; Festive News
#595 - Sunday 25th December, 2022


Every Thursday morning, for all,
or whenever Christmas day happens to fall


Crazy coders on Christmas night.
Stuck in front of their screens, so bright.
Writing their code, debugging and more.
Work to fix bugs that they shouldn't ignore.

The snow is falling, the bells they ring.
But lonely, they code, ignore everything.
Their work is important, they cannot deny,
But they'd rather be with family, not coding tonight.

Their minds are sharp, their eyes quite glassy.
Just trying to make code look even more classy.
With algorithms and data structures galore,
They keep working away, for now and evermore.

But though the coders all stay inside
It doesn't mean their Christmas is denied.
For one day, they can take a break,
And enjoy the festivities with oodles of cake!


'Twas the season of giving, and all through the land
The old coders shared what the gift makers' planned.
Things from their calendars, one by one,
Each much more delightful, when all's said and done

On the first day, a squishable animal came.
On the second, a man with a hat and a cane.
The third was some coffee within a small stick.
And the fourth, enough chilli to make a man sick.

The gifts kept on coming, and day after day
The surprises did shine in their own special way
The coders delight was as plain as to see,
As they shared all the presents with you and with me.

So here's to the coders. Their spirit of giving,
May tall of their calendars always be brimming
With joy, and surprises, and with all kinds of cheer
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good year!



For the season of Advent, and throughout all the land
Coders were crafting, with code in their hand.
Animated cards and pictures with squares,
Spikes to dislike, if the ball could be dared.

Each day brought new challenges, and code to be written,
Designs to be crafted, Emoji for children.
As the holiday season approached us, with glee,
The coders worked hard, and as fast as could be.

So here's to the coders, who spent Advent in cheer,
Crafting and coding, to the end of the year.
Though the task was quite tough, and the hours were long,
They continued to craft, and it made their code strong.


Spinal, creative, with hardware in mind,
Set out to make the best handheld he could find.
He worked through the days, and into the night,
Crafting and coding with all of his might.

His handheld was finished, and it shone so bright,
A true gaming marvel, and a wondrous sight.
His homemade console, brought joy to his heart,
And a festive spirit, to those who took part.


The photographers gathered each festive day,
With cameras in hand and words to convey.
The word of the day, was "holiday cheer,"
And they set out to capture their images, clear.

They roamed through the streets, and the parks and the shops,
Searching for the perfect shot, to match the word's props.
To celebrate the holidays, in all of their glory,
Through the lens of the camera, and the artist's own story.


In a corner of the room, a figure was bent,
Struggling with a puzzle that seemed heaven-sent.
A word game, with letters all jumbled and mixed,
And the solver was finding it quite hard to fix.

She sighed and she groaned, as she tried more and more,
With a puzzle more stubborn than the day once before.
And just when she thought she would never succeed,
She let out a yelp, as she'd solved it, indeed.


Minion, the coder, had a task to fulfill,
To bring Manic Miner to the Pico8 still.
Through the Central Cavern, and the Cold Room too,
He worked with precision to see the game through.

Now players can enjoy the classic game once more,
Safe in their browser, they're set to explore.
So here's to Minion, for the work and dedication,
Bringing Manic Miner, to a new generation.



The chocolates and toffees did sparkle and shine,
As the packet was opened at the stroke of nine.
From the Purple One, to the Green Triangle,
Each sweet was a treasure, and all did dangle.

Festive Viewing

; Les Dennis

The Gift of Xmas Tubeage

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