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Sergio Canales

Jul 23, 2013, 2:43:50 PM7/23/13

I'm struggling to get my app to work on ie <= 8 on Win XP.

It works perfectly with Win7, and all other browsers (FF, Chrome, Safari, IE> 8).

After loading my script, the server never receives the connect event, though SOMETIMES with log level 3, I get a "handshake authorized <someSocketID>", but not sure when this is happening....

My server configuration is as follows:

    io.set('match origin protocol', true);          
        io.set('origins' , '*:*');                                  
        io.set('browser client', true);                      
        io.set('close timeout', CLOSE_TIMEOUT);
        io.set('flash policy server', true);  
        io.set('log level', 3);                      
        io.set('transports', [                       
            , 'flashsocket'
            , 'htmlfile'
            , 'jsonp-polling'

Connection is SSL... I've tried disabling all the transports to force flashsocket but still I don't even see the .swf file being served... I've tried pretty much everything, maybe I'm missing something, any ideas what could be going wrong?

On the client side socket.socket.transports returns undefined, socket.socket.connecting = true, and socket.socket.connected = false, and stays that way...

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Sergio Canales

Jul 23, 2013, 3:23:01 PM7/23/13
Oops... I'm using 0.9.10
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