Know any software engineers interested in working on social justice at tech nonprofits?

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Lisa Chen

Jan 14, 2022, 7:13:20 PMJan 14

Hi friends!

Happy Friday - hope you and your family are safe and healthy. First off, I'm going to out myself to this group of lovely people before I do it on LinkedIn: I've officially departed Recidiviz and am pinch-hitting for start-ups with measurable social impact for a little bit. And mainly trying to capture these two kiddos when they're being nice to each other (something that fortunately is happening with increasing frequency!).


In the past few weeks, I've jumped in to help out WattTime b/c they have an amazing team of smart and kind human beings doing quite a lot to reduce carbon emissions. One of the ways they do that is by viewing thousands of power plants around the world, many of which are in countries without open data, to determine how much greenhouse gas they are emitting. This information is then used to hold companies accountable and help countries understand and remedy their pollution profile.  Another way they reduce emissions is by building models to infer the marginal emissions rate of any grid, then shift the time at which devices use power in order to cause clean power producers to produce more and dirty producers to run less.

They are deeply rooted to their mission, live their values, and are growing in a really positive way. Their ED shared some of the work at TED recently, they work closely with U.S. Vice President Al Gore, and Google Nest just embedded their carbon reducing emissions into its smart thermostats. 

They're looking for right-up-the-middle software engineers who know how to move fast and like doing complex meaningful work with people who they respect and like. More info on the 4 different roles below, but if anyone comes to mind - please let me know!

And lastly, if your heart is in the criminal justice reform space vs. the climate space, my former teammates at Recidiviz are also looking for a mid-to-senior level software engineer as well as development manager. Reach out if you want more info on those too! They are also a very lovely team, who I'd happily work with again.

Okay, I'm running extremely long now, but look forward to connecting again!

Take care,


Senior Data Engineer: This is work pointed at using satellite imagery to get data no one else is putting out there - emissions info for ALL the world’s power plants. Al Gore comes to our meetings and TED is into it. We need someone who's been here before, can lead some smart up-and-coming engineers, wants to be designing and implementing in Python and wants to end each day knowing the change they made lasts and matters. 

Software Engineer - Satellites: This is a person who has a couple solid years experience and wants to put their hustle into working with the global tech team of all-stars supporting satellite work across all human-caused GHGs.  

Senior Machine Learning Engineer: Here’s something cool. Our statistical ML models are beating CNNs. Stop writing code to detect if a cat is in the picture - come apply your smarts to carbon emissions and put your fingerprints on doing something about climate right now. 

Software Engineer - AER: Wouldn’t it be great if all our smart devices weren’t running on fossil fuels? Well, Google Nest thinks so. If you love Python and want to direct your smarts at climate with a bunch of solid engineers beside you, you’re going to want to be part of this project.

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