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Tal Waltzer

Aug 15, 2022, 2:01:26 PMAug 15

Hello everyone,

Below, you can find the latest update on recent publications and works shared with the listserv.
If you would like to share any recent works for the next posting, please fill out this survey (once for each work you would like to share):

Thank you!

Best wishes,
Social Domain Theory listserv coordinator


(1) Adolescents’ Retributive and Restorative Orientations in Response to
Intergroup Harms in Schools
Laura Pareja Conto (Concordia University), Angelica Restrepo (Concordia University), Holly Recchia (Concordia University), Gabriel Velez (Marquette University), & Cecilia Wainryb (University of Utah)
Journal of Research on Adolescence
restorative justice, retributive justice, peer conflict, teacher-student relationships, intergroup harm

(2) Adolescents' evaluations of those who challenge exclusive and inclusive peer norms
Aline Hitti (University of San Francisco) & Melanie Killen (University of Maryland)
Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology
deviant group members, intergroup inclusion, social justice

(3) Can we increase children’s rights endorsement and knowledge?: A pilot study based on the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture.
Tenenbaum, H.R. (University of Surrey), Ingoglia, S. (University of Palermo) Wiium, N., (University of Bergen) Iannello, N. (University of Palermo) , Inguglia, C.(University of Palermo) Liga, F. (University of Messina), Lo Coco, A.(University of Palermo) , Lo Cricchio, M. (University of Palermo) Ozeto, N. (University of Surrey), & Barrett, M. (University of Surrey)
European Journal of Developmental Psychology
children's rights; Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture

(4) Teachers’ ratings of social exclusion among students: The role of situational information and the ethnic origin of the excluded student based on the example of Syrian refugees
Lino Szekely (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education), Meike Bonefeld (University of Konstanz), Hanna Beißert (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)
Open Psychology
social exclusion, teacher ratings, refugees

(5) Disagreement, justification, and equitable moral judgments: A brief training study
Leon Li & Michael Tomasello (Duke University)
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
social interactions, disequilibrium, justification

(6) Student and teacher views on cheating in high school: Perceptions, evaluations, and decisions
Talia Waltzer, Fiona C. DeBernardi, & Audun Dahl (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Journal of Research on Adolescence
dishonesty; moral development; academic misconduct; decision-making; teaching and learning

(7) Gender-based cyberbullying: Understanding expected bystander behavior online
Emily Herry (North Carolina State University) & Kelly Lynn Mulvey (North Carolina State University)
Journal of Social Issues
Gender-Based Cyberbullying, Bystander Intervention, emerging adults, emotional skills and competencies

(8) Is feeling bad good enough? Ethical guilt and callous-unemotional traits in childhood
Marc Jambon, Tyler Colasante, Danielle Mitrevski, Erinn Acland, & Tina Malti (University of Toronto Mississauga)
Research on Child & Adolescent Psychopathology
Guilt, callous-unemotional traits

Dr. Talia Waltzer
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Psychology
University of California, San Diego

Melanie A. Killen

Aug 15, 2022, 2:19:15 PMAug 15
to Tal Waltzer,
Thanks!  Great papers!

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