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Tal Waltzer

Jun 15, 2022, 1:11:54 PMJun 15

Hello everyone,

Below, you can find the latest update on recent publications and works shared with the listserv.
If you would like to share any recent works for the next posting, please fill out this survey (once for each work you would like to share):

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Social Domain Theory listserv coordinator


(1) Strategies and Reasons for Nondisclosure in Close Relationships During Adolescence
Yue Guo (University of Missouri), Sarah Killoren (University of Missouri), & Nicole Campione-Barr (University of Missouri)
Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Adolescence, Nondisclosure, Secrecy, Close Relationships

(2) Socioeconomic status biases among children and adolescents: The role of school diversity and teacher beliefs in Nepal
Jeanine Grütter (University of Konstanz), Sandesh Dhakal (Tribhuvan University), Melanie Killen (University of Maryland)
Child Development
status bias, school diversity, teacher beliefs, moral reasoning, Nepal

(3) Group norms influence children’s expectations about status based on wealth and popularity.
Kathryn M. Yee, Jacquelyn Glidden, Melanie Killen (University of Maryland)
Frontiers in Psychology, Section Developmental Psychology
conceptions of wealth, popularity, social status, children, group norms

(4) Developmental perspectives on social inequalities and human rights.
Melanie Killen (University of Maryland), Laura Elenbaas (University of Rochester) & Martin D. Ruck, CUNY/Graduate Center
Human Development.
rights, social inequalities, equity, fairness, development

(5) Testing the effectiveness of the Developing Inclusive Youth program: A multi-site randomized control trial.
Melanie Killen (University of Maryland), Amanda R. Burkholder (Furman University), Alex P. D’Esterre (University of Maryland), Riley N. Sims (University of Maryland), Jacquelyn Glidden (University of Maryland), Kathryn M. Yee (University of Maryland), Katherine V. Luzen Raz (University of Maryland), Laura Elenbaas, (University of Rochester), Michael T. Rizzo (University of Ilinois, Urbana-Champaign), Bonne Woodward (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Tracy M. Sweet (University of Maryland), and Laura M. Stapleton (University of Maryland).
Child Development
social exclusion, prejudice, morality, peer interactions, schools

(6) “This kid looks like he has everything”: 3-to 11-year-old children’s concerns for fairness and social preferences when peers differ in social class and race
Laura Elenbaas (University of Rochester), Katherine Luken Raz (University of Maryland), Amanda Ackerman (University of Rochester), & Ellen Kneeskern (University of Rochester)
Child Development
distributive justice; intergroup attitudes; inequality

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