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Clare Conry-Murray

May 30, 2022, 10:28:29 AMMay 30
Hi all,
The Psych Science Accelerator (PSA) is looking for proposals for a large-scale studies related to the Templeton Foundation's aims:
  • The dynamics of religious change
  • Intellectual humility
  • Religious cognition
  • The science of character virtue
  • Health, religion, and spirituality
The selected proposals will be supported with $40,000 for data collection and staff support.

Submission deadline: July 20, 2022.

What is the PSA?  "The PSA is a distributed network of researchers from the behavioral sciences across the globe. Our more than 1300 collaborators represent 84 countries from all six populated continents. The mission of the PSA is to accelerate the accumulation of reliable and generalizable evidence in psychological science." (From the PSA website)

More info here:

It would be nice if Social Domain Theory was represented among the studies!

Take care,

Clare Conry-Murray, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Saint Joseph's University
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Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395
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Melanie A. Killen

May 30, 2022, 7:10:34 PMMay 30
to Clare Conry-Murray,
Hi all, 
I know this will go against the tide but I'm not a fan of the Templeton Foundation. 

It was founded by Sir John Templeton, an evangelical Christian, who made his money through the mutual fund industry, and then decided that he wanted to use his money to fund science to validate religion. 

After Sir John passed away, the granddaughter, Heather Templeton Dill, took charge.  

As far as I can tell much of the research has Christian overtones.  There are developmental studies on how prayer is a group ritual that promotes humanity, research on character and virtues in everyday life, and the importance of religion for children.  They also fund their "Voluntary Family Planning" program which is partnered with faith-based organizations.  

I know researchers who tell me that the Templeton Foundation does not direct topics, but I have also had researchers tell me that their funding was pulled (on the spot in the middle of a study) when the findings were viewed as problematic. 

Just sharing my thoughts among friends!  :)


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