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Hello! Welcome to the soccermetrics community!
If you are new here, we ask that you ****
introducing yourself. This is purely voluntary, but we would very much like you to do it. Please tell us who you are, what your occupation is, how you learned of the group, what clubs/leagues you support (and why) and anything interesting about your self.

Please read through the Code of Conduct and, if you feel comfortable, jump on in!


Code of Conduct

As members of this community you agree to abide by the few simple rules:
(1) Be Respectful

Like any community, we are made up of a diverse set of individuals and backgrounds. Everyone can make a contribution. Disagreement is no excuse for poor behavior. Also, many users can be expected to have different background than others. Not knowing something is not just cause for rude behavior. However, if someone is suggesting concepts that go beyond your basic understanding, patiently asking for more information is the right way to go and remember that Google/Bing/Yahoo and your local library are all useful tools.

Above all: In all interactions, treat each other with respect.

(2) Be Courteous
Whether posting to a mailing list, creating a new metric, or pointing out an error, we value your contribution. When working with another’s work, be courteous and professional. It’s not courteous to demand responses, insult pull requests or post condescending and/or threatening emails or posts. In that same vein, avoid posting messages with little to no content on the mailing list. We have a lot of people in the community, let’s keep our signal to noise ratio high, and set emotions aside before coming to the table.

(3) Be Excellent

Strive to improve in all things. Strive to better our understanding of soccer/football, and improve understanding of mathematics, statistics and thought. Improve your own teaching styles. We’re constantly learning new things and opening new avenues. Leave your mind open to try new things, and strive to improve what we already know.

(4) Be Thorough

No matter what it is, responding to a question, fixing a bug, writing a proposal, make sure the contribution is thorough. Don’t leave things half written or half done. While the evolution of these statistics will be a continual process, incomplete work is often of negative benefit. At the same time, contributors will come and go, as with any open source community. If you need to drop something, take measures to ensure someone else is willing to pick it up, or notify the other maintainers.

Violating the Code

If certain unruly individuals refuse to abide by the Code of Conduct, via personal attacks, abusive language or snide comments, then the following actions will be taken:

   i.  Issued a warning On the first offense, one of the moderators will issue a warning about the unacceptable behavior.

    ii. Put under moderation On the second offense, a user may be placed under moderation. This is a limited time deal. If behavior improves, a user can leave moderated status. If behavior degrades, it can lead to #3.

   iii. Removal from community If a user has already been placed under moderation and returned, or has not learned to be respectful and courteous to others, it will constitute a removal from the soccermetric community, including code and download offerings.