Wigger Orsolya Gaal murder: Who is black handyman David Bonola?

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Mentally ill Woke retarded Democrats

Jan 21, 2023, 12:35:04 AMJan 21
The dead wigger and her black BF.


Wearing his long hair pulled back, a white Tyvek suit and sneakers,
and flanked by several law enforcement officers, a handcuffed David
Bonola ignored several questions shouted by reporters. But shouted,
"F--- you, motherf-----," just before stepping into the waiting
vehicle headed for central booking.

David Bonola is arrested during Orsolya Gaal's murder

He could be clearly heard in video of the transport from the
perspective of local Eyewitness News reporter Naveen Dhaliwal.

It was the first time anyone other than police had heard from
Bonola, a Queens transplant from Mexico, since the New York Police
Department announced charges against him earlier Thursday.

Bonola had worked for Gaal and her family over the course of the
past two years, the same length of time that police said he and the
51-year-old married mother began having an "intimate" relationship.

He allegedly confessed to parts of the gruesome crime and made
further incriminating statements during interviews with NYPD
investigators late Wednesday. He was charged early Thursday morning
with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon,
police said.

Police officials have said he went to Gaal’s family home in Forest
Hills, Queens, early Saturday morning and stabbed her more than 55
times after a failed attempt to try to convince her to rekindle
their romance.

Suspect arrested in murder of Queens momVideo
The victim was found murdered and then loaded into one of her son’s
hockey bags on Saturday morning, when he dragged the bag about
seven-tenths of a mile from her Juno Street home and dumped it.

Police said they received a call around 8:10 a.m. Saturday for a
report of "a suspicious bag with blood on it at the corner of
Metropolitan Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway."

Investigators also found a blood trail that led them back to the
family’s home. One of Gaal's sons was home at the time of the
murder, and was questioned by authorities but was later released.
Her 53-year-old husband, Howard Klein, was with their other son on
the West Coast at the time.

New York officials arrest suspect in connection with stabbing murder
of Queens motherVideo
Gaal attended a show at Lincoln Center on Friday night and then rode
the train to the Forest Hills neighborhood, where she stopped in a
local watering hole around 11:20 p.m., police said.

She returned home around 12:20 a.m. Saturday. Police say she either
let Bonola into the home or he used a spare key that was hidden in
the barbeque about 10 to 20 minutes later, police said.

Gaal and Bonola then went down to the basement where they began
arguing, police officials said. Bonola allegedly went to the home
that evening "to speak about the relationship again."

"A heated argument ensues between the two in the basement. A knife
is brandished. A violent struggle ensues, resulting in our victim
being stabbed ruthlessly and brutally in excess of 55 times, causing
her demise," NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said.

Police said the murder weapon was then left behind at the crime

"Mr. Bonola then retrieved the hockey bag belonging to Ms. Gaal's
son, placed her in the bag and, as video showed, was seen rolling
the body down the sidewalks, leaving a bloody trail through the
streets of Forest Hills," Essig continued. Police believe he then
fled to Forest Park, "where investigators discovered the jacket
believed to be worn by him during this vicious crime."

Possible suspect in NYC mom murder dragging a duffel bagVideo
He said detectives also developed leads that pointed them to a
location "where boots, a T-shirt and bloody bandages were
discovered." They learned he was treated for hand wounds at an area
hospital, Essig said.

Surveillance footage from early that morning showed a figure pulling
a similar-looking bag along the sidewalk, sources confirmed.

Investigators said the pair had been off and on, but had reunited in
the month of April. At the time of Gaal's death, their relationship
had been considered "at an end," police said. Their relationship
went on for about two years, cops said.

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The NYPD secures and investigates the scene of the murder of Orsolya
Gaal (Fox News)


Essig said Bonola made "incriminating statements" to cops.
Investigators further described how his "confession" included an
admission that he had sent a chilling text message from the victim’s
cell phone.

The NYPD said Thursday they believe the contents of the message to
be bogus.

"We have it from, in the confession, that he sent that message," an
NYPD executive said. "We don’t believe there was any danger to the

Investigators further described how they believe Bonola moved the
victim’s body because he did not want the family to find it and said
the knife used in the crime was "consistent with knives that are in
the home."

It was not immediately clear when Bonola would make his first
appearance in court.


People who frequented the area around Bonola’s 114th Street home
described the man as being a "night owl" who enjoyed playing music
and was often seen riding his bike.

A man behind the counter at the 7-Eleven store located at Liberty
Avenue and 113th Street said Bonola frequented the store at night
and was often carrying instruments, such as a guitar.

The man, who asked to be identified only as "Richie," said he had
not seen Bonola in about a month. He said the detectives have
repeatedly visited the store since Saturday and have viewed
surveillance footage.

"What’s the sense of this? I don’t know the reason why he did it.
She’s gone," Richie told Fox News Digital. "What did he

Martin Calixto, the owner of Jasmin's Florist & Hall Decorators
located across the street from Bonola’s home, said he had not seen
Bonola in about a year. He said Bonola used to stop by the store at
night and would buy a single flower – a red rose – each time.

Calixto recalled how Bonola told him he had a girlfriend, "a White
lady," though he did not identify the woman by name. He said he
recognized Gaal from photos Bonola had shown him.

"He was very in love with her," Calixto went on. "He was talking
about her as a very nice girl, very respectful. It’s hard to

"He was a nice guy, dammit," he added. "For me it’s hard to


Bonola bragged about doing handyman work for celebrities and was
supposedly successful at it while moonlighting as a street musician,
Calixto said.

Police have said Bonola moved to the U.S. from Mexico about 21 years
ago. They would not discuss his immigration status.

Calixto further described how Bonola was previously married in
Mexico and had two sons with the woman, who, he was told, later
passed away. He said Bonola told him he had served in the Mexican

A spokesperson for the Mexican consulate could not immediately


A law enforcement source pointed Fox News Digital to the Facebook
page of a person who matches the name and physical description of
Bonola. The person, whose Facebook page was inactive, appeared to
have posted comments or otherwise responded to several of Gaal’s
social media images dating as far back as 2019, if not earlier.


In a photo from July 2019, which also appeared to show Gaal in
Guatemala, someone from the Bonola Facebook page gushed, "Es la
mujer más hermosa," or, "She is the most beautiful woman."


The truth comes out, she was fucking around.

Mentally ill Woke retarded Democrats

Jan 21, 2023, 1:05:05 AMJan 21
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