Re: Transgender Inmate Convicted of Raping Female at Rikers Island's Women's Facility

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On Wed, 27 Apr 2022 04:27:50 -0000 (UTC), buh buh biden
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>A biological male inmate identifying as a woman has been convicted of
>raping a female prisoner while housed at the women’s facility at the
>Rikers Island complex in New York.
>Ramel Blount, who goes by the name Diamond Blount, received a sentence of
>seven years, plus eight years of post-release supervision, after pleading
>guilty to attempted rape on April 7 in a plea deal, the New York Post
>reported. Blount must now register as a sex offender.
>While he was a resident of the Rose M. Singer Center, the section of the
>prison exclusively for female detainees and sentenced inmates, Blount
>violently sexually assaulted a 33-year-old woman in the bathroom on
>February 8, 2021. After the woman had finished showering, Blount pinned
>her down by the neck and raped her, investigators said.
>The victim reported the incident to prison staff, and evidence was
>collected via a rape kit to identify the sexual assailant. The results,
>which compared DNA in the New York State Registry, showed Blount as the
>likely suspect.
>In a press statement on April 25, Bronx County District Attorney Darcel
>Clark said, “Sexual violence against anyone is unacceptable.” Rikers
>Island is located in the Bronx borough of New York City and is therefore
>in Clark’s jurisdiction. He did not discuss the particular circumstances
>of the rape, specifically the fact that it was perpetrated by a biological
>male at a women’s facility.
>The Biden administration and a number of progressive states have proposed
>or passed policies that would allow transgender inmates to be transferred
>to a prison that corresponds with their gender preference. In January of
>2021, New York Governor Kathy Hochul pitched such a policy in the state.
>New York City had already implemented this policy in 2018, Reduxx noted.
>The Rikers Island incident is not the first of its kind. In Seattle’s
>prison system, where the gender identity relocation rule is practiced but
>not yet codified into law, multiple incidents of sexual abuse by convicted
>transgender felons have occurred at the Washington Corrections Center for
>Women, formerly the only exclusively female jail in Washington state. In
>January, a draft executive order from President Biden leaked which, if
>issued, would order the U.S. attorney general to reinstitute a federal
>policy, revoked under the Trump administration, allowing biological male
>criminals to be housed at women’s prisons if they claim to identify as

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