Together We Can Save The World from Envy

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Dec 19, 2005, 1:15:52 PM12/19/05
Together we can save the world from Envy.

Our world is abundance. Since capitalism become the norm as time goes
by, and starting from the publication of "Wealth of Nation" it's
a proven fact that our standard of living has grown exponentially.

However, why capitalism does not happen sooner? Why there are still
people and society that stubbornly oppose capitalism?

Ladies and gentlemen. Our world is unfortunately ruled by envy people.
Envy people are people that do not want to see others being successful.
The very thing that they do not want is success and progress. Yes,
capitalism brings prosperity. However, capitalism also fairly rewards
those productive individuals generously. This roused hatred from those
who are too lazy, dumb, or dishonest to productively earn wealth.

Is envy real? Do I make that up? If it's real, why we rarely ever
hear people say that they hate free market because they do not like to
see their countries proper? Why we keep seeing other more
"legitimate" concern, such as lifting up poverty, addressing market
failure, the need for more regulation, stabilizing economy, job
creation, mass education, or family value? Here's a hint, all of
which are handled best by the market itself, by the way.

First, I will show you that envy is real. Then I'll tell you how
dangerous envy is because it rarely, if ever, spoken straightforwardly.
Envy motivated hatred is almost always justified by some vicious lies
and prejudices. After that I'll explain why it is very important to
be hostile to envy people, far more than being hostile to all other
root of evil. In fact, envy, is the root of all evil and suffering we
see nowadays.

Envy is real. The causes of envy are not usually far from the case of
disgruntled competitors. In fact, envy is effectively a form of
unhappiness competitors that fail to provide better offers often face.

Why people are envy? It has a lot to do with how we evolve. You see,
most species reproduce sexually. In most case, a species is divided
into 2 sexes. The male, with a lot of small gametes try to acquire as
many females as possible. The females, want the best genes and other
perks. For peacock, the genes, signaled by elaborate tails is the only
currency. Different species have different techniques of females'
acquisition. For humans, females are usually attracted by wealth.
Creating a lot of wealth signals genetic quality. That's because not
every male can be rich. Females that pick richer smarter males will not
only more likely to get better genes, but will have more inheritance
for her sons. Those sons will then become richer and attract more

So under normal circumstances with minimum market distortion and
governments' interference, sexier individuals tend to survive better
in the gene pool. Smarter richer males mate with more females and
produce more kids. Prettier females can aim for richer males getting
better genes and more money. It's just like under normal free market
circumstances, the best products and services will fill the market.
Then things will get better and better.

The same way, under normal unregulated sexual selection process, as
well as in any other process actually, the best genes will fulfill the

These make many inferior envy people very unhappy. So they
instinctively evolve preferences to get in the way of anyone gaining
better success in anything. Such preference is called envy.

Envy is usually promoted by those who are inferior. Those who truly are
superior do not need to cheat by resorting to supremacies ideologies,
or gas chambers, etc. Let the market decide which one makes the most
money, let sexual selection decides which one more attractive.

Why envy is very dangerous? Because it's rarely an honest preference.
Envy is often justified with some forms of pretexts. What is honest

Say you accidentally step in someone else's' shoes. Say he got mad.
The justification is you step on his foot. The problem is the same. So
what should you do to appease him? Stop stepping on his shoes. Perhaps
offer a little compensation for the small discomfort. If you see a
sign, "Don't break my car or I'll get mad" what's the issue?
He doesn't want you to break his car. What should you do so he
doesn't get mad? Don't break his car.

If some welfare recipients say, "Give me money I am starving, less I
wage riots." What's the issue? He's starving he wants food. What
should you do so he doesn't riot? You have two choices. You can kill
them, or you can just feed them. Me, I prefer to just feed them because
it's more humane and not very expensive anyway. There still have to
be harsh consequences for not being productive to be fair, such as
preventing unproductive people from making kids till they can actually
afford those kids so our problems don't grow. The point is when the
pretext is the same with the real problem, it may be more auspicious
and reasonable to appease and you can appease easily and cheaply.

Envy motivated hostility is different. What envy people want from you
is your failure. However, people want to maintain appeasable attitude.
If the very think they want from you is your failure, obviously you
wouldn't bother trying to appease them. Moreover, envy is heavily
related to disgruntled competitors. Competition for making better
products and services benefit so many people. Competitions among cake
shops, for example, give intensives for shops to make the most
delicious cakes with the least price and hence will benefit consumers.
So, simply wanting a superior competitor to fail will be very
politically incorrect.

Envy people will come up with other pretext to justify their hostility
toward you. Say you're successful. Say somebody hates you because
you're successful. They're going to say you're wrong because you
hurt someone else's right. Usually, they made up some rules after the
acts, or anything to show that you're wrong. You will then say,
"Well, it's not a written rule, so I don't know. But tell you
what; I can be successful some other way. So no worry lah..." You
would think that buy addressing the pretext you've solved the
problem. But that's not the real problem. The real problem is they do
not want you to be successful. So, they're going to get even MADDER.
Then you don't understand why they get mad? Then they will acts like
it's obvious that you're wrong that you're so stupid you don't

Then they'll bring their friends to shape public opinion damaging
your reputation. Then you'll really run into problem. Remember,
people often hate successful people way more than they hate thieves or
burglars due to envy.

I'll give you an example. Say you come up with a more efficient
technique to increase labors' productivity. Say you create steam
engines, the start of western civilization as we know it. Obviously
this will benefits labors. Increased labor's productivity will
increase demand for labors that'll increase labor's market price.
This, however, will hurt the interest of less productive business
owners that already have their capitals stuck in less productive
industry, possibly due to some unfair governments' protection where
productivity doesn't matter. I can go on and on telling how this is
the real cause behind American civil war but that's beyond this

So, what would the other business do? They'll want you to fail. Will
they honestly say that they want you to fail because you hurt their
business by increasing labor's salary? No. They will say that
increasing labor's productivity, with machinery, will require less
labor for the same task. This in turn will reduce demands for labors.
Hence, they will demand governments' official to protect less
productive industry. Most people do not understand how macro economy
work and would agree. Finally, they'll just get governments to high
handedly prohibit you from using better techniques.

What would you do? If you don't know better, you will probably say,
"Don't worry about the reduced demand for labors lah. If
entrepreneurs like me increase labors' productivity, then I'll make
even more money for every one additional labor that I hire. Hence, I
will hire as many labors as possible. This will create demand for
labors increasing their market value. So, the labors are benefited too
rather than hurt." Will this appease your opponents? Will they say,
"Oh the labors are benefited, so okay lah"? No. Your opponents'
real concern is that you're tough competitors. If you address the
pretext, they'll get even madder. They'll think, "Oh no, this guy
will not only do it, they'll do it big. Also he can get many people
to agree with him if we let them talk."

So there it goes crazier and crazier pretext outcry. You name it. Your
ancestors kill their savior. Your words offend their religion. A mark
in your body means you're a witch. Your ideas are like (pick one:
Nazi, Hitler, idiots, parasites, etc.)

If you successfully mate with many females and make a lot of money,
will less productive males say, "I hate this person because he is
superior and more attractive than I am"? No. They're going to say
that you're inferior and therefore must be sent to gas chamber,
concentration camps, etc. Since when being inferior is wrong anyway? We
all have our plusses and minus. Often inferior accusations are raised
against those whose real issues are quite the opposites.

What else would less desirable males competitors would say? They will
say a lot. They will say that polygamy, prostitution, and free sex have
to be illegal. Will they say that polygamy should be illegal to ration
females to less desirable males? No! They will say that polygamy should
be made illegal to "protect women." We can only wonder how any
adult humans can be protected from consensual choices. A variation is
that somehow they come up to portray consensual choices as

What about if women circumvent that rules by emulating marriage with
prostitution? Well, they make prostitution illegal too. What about if
women just enjoy free sex? They make it illegal too, or when not,
they'll do their best to discourage it by saying that it's against
something way too difficult to disprove like "religion,"
"morality," "spirituality" and yada yada yada.

Children are prevented from watching enlightening movies like porn and
forced to watch bull shit romance movies. Such children could end up
trapped in very unhappy marriage when they grew older.

After that they set up child support requirements to be proportional to
a man's wealth. That way, welfare parasites can make, and even
encouraged to make, thousands of kids more than what he can afford
while a billionaire cannot make as many kids as he can afford. Both
will be better of if the welfare parasites get bigger TV and the
billionaires make more kids.

An innocent successful human that consensually interact will think that
this is a misunderstanding. "Oh so they want to protect women. It
seems that their concern is that the women may be coerced into
prostitution. Well, fine, I'll just perform prostitution in public
then so every body knows that no guns are being pointed to the
women's' head anytime." Will they be appeased? No, they'll get
even madder. They'll say such actions offend people, damage morality,
etc. etc. etc.
So what would you do?

You would think, "Ah may be this people do not understand that women
want the best genes. Let's start a scientific inquiry about what
women's' want. Something likes Kinsey's report, with standard
anonymous surveys, etc." Will they said, "Ah, now I got scientific
evidences. It turns out prostitution and free sex can indeed be
consensual. Okay, I'll make it legal then." Of course not. That's
not the real issue. The real issue is that poor dumb males are not
getting chicks and ugly women's' son will be out competed by the
sons of the pretty. So they'll get even madder. They will attack the
scientific inquiry.

Failure to recognize which accusation is envy motivated and which
accusation is real can be very dangerous.

You can read for another detailed
sample of how dangerous it is to be compassionate to an obnoxious envy

The story talks about a guy successfully getting a lot of network
contacts through friendly means. Then a very envy "old hag" accuses
the person of pretending to be her friend. The accused friendly
presumed this must be a misunderstanding and compassionately tries to
save her from embarrassment by explaining her mistakes so he doesn't
have to do so publicly. In which cases, the accusations simply keep
changing increasing the number of envy people that join force.

Wrong moves. It's dangerous to ever think an envy people is a friend
no matter how friendly she pretend to be. That's not the big problem
actually. We all tend to be friendly to many people. It's just what
being polite means. Of course there is a risk that a bigot envy person
is one of them. The real mistake is to compassionately try to appease.
That's just wrong wrong wrong. It's important to simply address
hostile envy motivated accusation with even more hostile explanation
explaining their true nature.

How do envy affects our society?

Bad. When smarter people see that honest ways of making money are all
blocked, what will they do? They'll turn into corruptors. Humans
maximize their profit. Each of us will get our share based on how
capable we are. There is no such thing as equality of result as we do
not have equal ability and equal choice.

Look at all countries around us and all countries all the time. From
the communist North Korea, the Mongol empire, the capitalistic US. In
all those countries, the smarter end up the richest and happiest no
matter what. Capitalism is, in fact, the most moderate among all those.
Perhaps, principles of free market is much simpler to understand than
the art of war or political intricacies.

In countries that properly align humans' interest with productivity,
every body, from the richest 10% to the most bottoms 10% are better of
than the other countries with comparable percentiles.

Envy is the reason why there are many countries that are not as wealthy
as wealthy nations. Even western nations will get even more advance and
wealthy if they purged envy out of the gene pool.

If only this envy motivated lies are told honestly, we can come up with
some better mutually acceptable solutions. For example, if some males
get richer and mate with more women, as long as he makes other males
get richer too, the other males can simply "import" or attract
women from other societies. We can pressure all other countries to
embrace freedom way more by importing all their women rather than by
sending men there. The males in that country will know that they have
to be rich and freedom is the way.

That's why many minorities groups are richer than their hosts.
That's because all those minority groups practice more libertarianism
than the rest. Hence, every body is profited right?

While we all want to survive in the gene pool, not all people are
equally motivated to stay. Women are more valuable for the rich because
the rich are willing to pay more. The gay don't seem to care at all
about making kids. Some people are pro "choice." We all know that
they want choices to kick themselves out of the gene pool. Our liberal
comrades want drug. Why don't give them their dose for a life time in
exchange of vasectomy, which they won't mind having?

So, what about if we tax kids and reward people for fewer kids? Then
the poor will have more choices to increase their standard of living
while the rich can be happier more meaningfully by making more kids
rather than making more mansions. Poor people will no longer be
restricted to public school with garbage teaching. The market, which
mean, those poor students will decide, which courses will make the most
money and go to school that provide the best education that suit his

If any poor people is poor because of lack of chance but actually
superior, that poor people will get richest the fastest under free
market. Once he becomes a billionaire, he can simply buy lots of
license to make kids and make thousands of kids. If a poor people are
poor because he's just plain inferior, he too will have more choices
and can live much more humanely than current stupid poor people life.
Just don't make kids till they proof they can be productive. When
economy improves, even the poorest will live a much higher standard of

All these are not even talked about due to envy motivated lies and
prejudices. Any mentions of these ideas are quickly attacked as
offensive, evil, fascists, etc.

Remember that the most evil, false, and damaging beliefs are often
those held the most sacrosanct. Those are beliefs protected from
criticism and scientific observations. Only beliefs receiving huge
unfair protection can still be wrong and yet believed.

We can all save the world from envy by unmasking their lies and
prejudices. Also, always try to get the real truth. If we don't
objectively embrace the truth, someone who knows what's really going
on, will use it to manipulate us.

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