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1st RFD: The Great Downsizing --

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David E. Ross

Feb 2, 2011, 6:39:37 PM2/2/11
The newsgroup appears to be dead, with
no recent on-topic message posted. The Big8-Usenet Management Board
proposes to eliminate that newsgroup.

Any feedback on that proposal should be posted as a reply to the thread
"1st RFD: The Great Downsizing 2011/1" in the news.groups.proposals
newsgroup. In your feedback, please cite the name of that newsgroup -- -- in the subject line. If you object
to eliminating that newsgroup, please provide a brief justification of
why it should be retained.

Followup-To set to news.groups.proposals.


David E. Ross

On occasion, I might filter and ignore all newsgroup messages
posted through GoogleGroups via Google's G2/1.0 user agent
because of spam from that source.

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