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David LaRue

Sep 14, 2022, 2:20:24 PM9/14/22

I am a software engineer and work on large complex projects. I've been
at my current company for 11 years. According to my manager my work
quality has deteriorated significantly. From my prespective, I was
confused and tired and didn't seem to have the energy to do what I've
been doing quite well for 40 years.

I had a breakdown this last year that doctors kept trying to diagnose as
depression of some sort. Several pills were prescribed that screwed up
my mind for a long time. I'm getting off those now. I lost at least a
year of my life and almost my career.

Thres months or so ago I complained about short term memory loss and
balance issues to a new doctor. I was referred to a neurologist that
actually listened to me before just acting. After about an hour with him
he could tell it was a brain problem and not classic depression. He was
able to demonstrate the short term memory issue the first time he tried.

An MRI and EEG were ordered. The EEG didn't point to anything. The MRI
showed that there was too much liquid in my head and the brain was
compressed a little. The common term is water on the brain.

Yesterday they did a spinal tap (lumbar puncture) surrounded by physical
tests. Those didn't show an improvement. However 12 hours after the
surgery there was a miracle - my balance issues largely vanished, I could
respond and do things much faster like I did about 5 years ago, and my
mental focus was back to near normal. This isn't a permantent fix, but
the doctor has plans to fix the underlying problem when it is identified.

So if you have depression and feel that what they are doing isn't helping
-- keep searching. Hopefully it can be better.

For the next few weeks I'll probably feel good before the pressure
increazes again. By then additional tests should indicate what they need
to do for a more permanent fix.

Two days ago I was very skeptical that this would really lead to a change
like my doctor said. It did take a few more hours, but it did happen.

The last few years have been hell. Tonight I'm feeling wonderful and
hoping that this will last.

Good luck to you all!


Sep 24, 2022, 10:42:16 PM9/24/22
Thank you for posting your story.
I wish you the best in all things.

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