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On Fathers Day 6-20-2021

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Jun 30, 2021, 10:53:36 PM6/30/21
On Fathers Day 6-20-2021

The day had gone pretty well,
Deirdre invited us over for a Fathers Day Brunch.
After that we went on the beautiful day to take
Pooka and Bilbo to Edmonds off-leash waterfront park.

Sharon sent a nice 'messenger' ---.

After 9:00, just before lights out, I went to check out
something news/sports
on my tablet, and somehow a email appeared that had been
sent today at 4:00PM.

"Happy Father’s Day from your daughters and granddaughters!
Love you!" (2 pictures)

Marie saw it and gave it 'the finger'.
'So they don't think Deirdre counts?'

Not wanting drama at that moment, I let it pass.

Later after lights out, Marie said,
"I hope you had a pretty good day."
I said it would have been better if she had not
signal "fuck you" to / about Tracy & Cathy.

I said that what she showed was bad.
Tracy and Cathy had back around 2017 said that
they felt Marie did not love them, and in fact
they felt she did not even like them.
And that finger seemed to show they were right.

Her response was that, "They started it."
That she had liked and loved, until they
shunned her.

Can you go from love, to giving the finger?
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