new story, finally.......Machine/f, in my Alex series...

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Jun 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/5/99
Usual disclaimers. Under 18, go do your chores....The creative juices seem to
be stimulated with coffee....

>>In Trouble Again

Leaving a friend's house one night, Alex noted that it was almost 8:15 p.m. She
hadn't been home from work yet; she had gone to help an older woman with her
computer right after work, and now was in a hurry to get home.

Normally a very careful driver, Alex was shocked when she glanced in her
rearview mirror and saw a county sheriff driving VERY slowly behind her, and
realized that she had not stopped completely at two stop signs. Her heart in
her mouth, realizing that her perfect driving record was so close to being
shattered if she was ticketed, she slowed down to a crawl, the speed limit on
that road being 25 mph. Ridiculous, she thought. How can anyone go 25 and
expect to get anywhere on time? But, while the patrol car was right behind her,
she obeyed all the speed limits, and came to a complete stop at every stop

Finally, at a fork in the road, the patrol car took the opposite road, the
sheriff obviously figuring that Alex was not the dangerous lawbreaker he had
imagined her to be. She breathed a little easier, and took the rest of the way
home to contemplate the evening's events, but still feeling a little bit

Once inside her apartment, she thought for a minute. Kneeling and reaching
under the sofa, she pulled out the robot that she and former boyfriend had
built a couple of years before. Quickly setting it up on an armless chair, she
shut the drapes, and turned on the stereo to cover the inevitable sounds of a
good, hard spanking. A spanking that she felt she deserved for her actions.
Taking a deep breath, she slipped a lecture tape in and pushed the button. The
tape, in a woman's voice, told her to get the wooden body brush from the
closet. Biting her lower lip, Alex slowly walked to the closet, and retrieved
the body brush. She hated that brush. It stung SO badly when used in a
spanking. Very slowly, Alex returned to the living room, turning the stereo up
a little more, and put the brush into the robot's right hand. She was then told
to take her jeans and panties down and lean over. Imagine, she was told. A
grown woman acting like a child again. An irresponsible child, who couldn't
remember simple rules. Well, if she was going to act like that, she deserved to
be spanked like one, on her bare bottom, good and hard. When Alex tried, like
she always did, to plead her cause, saying that she was too old to be spanked,
the command was repeated in a harsher tone. Either take her jeans and panties
down, or have them pulled down for her. If she had to have it done, the
spanking would be much worse, and she was definitely NOT too old to have her
bare bottom spanked. It was simple. Behave like a child and get spanked like

Slowly, now even more nervous and feeling like a child about to be spanked,
Alex tugged her jeans and panties down to just below her bottom She was then
pulled by her left hand over the lap of the robot, and felt her pants being
taken down to her knees swiftly. Squirming frantically now, she was held down
firmly and told that when she was told to pull her pants down, she'd better do
it right the first time! She had just gotten herself into more trouble, the
robot informed her, raising the brush and bringing it down sharply onto Alex's
bare, upturned bottom. She yelped in pain, and protested again that she was
too old for a spanking.

Over and over, the lecture continuing, the brush continued to fall until Alex's
bottom was bright red, and she was kicking and crying, swearing everlasting
good behavior if only the spanking would stop. Young ladies, the robot told
her, do not misbehave in public! They do not break laws, no matter how small,
without expecting to have to pay the consequences. If she was going to behave
this way, she could expect to be punished, and in her case, the punishment was
always going to be a good, hard, spanking until she DID learn her lesson.
Spanking seemed to be the only thing to get through to her.

Finally, when Alex didn't think she could take any more, the brush stopped
falling, and she was told to stand up, and march right to the corner, her jeans
and panties still down. She was to stay there for 30 minutes, and think about
how sore her bottom was, and why it was that way. Alex was also told that from
now on, that if she disobeyed anyone again, she was expected to ask for a
spanking. It would always be granted, and she would eventually learn her

30 minutes passed, with Alex sobbing and gently rubbing her very-sore bottom in
the corner. To her horror, she was told to come back over to the robot, and
bend over again. Surely, she hadn't forgotten her earlier disobedience in not
lowering her jeans and panties to her knees. She was pulled back over the lap
of the robot, and given twenty good, hard smacks on each cheek and then sent
back to spend another 30 minutes in the corner. Now, maybe she would remember
to obey when told to do something! She sincerely hoped so…..<<


Hand Over the Chocolate and nobody gets hurt.


Jun 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/5/99
Thanks for posting. Very nice indeed.



Jun 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/5/99

>Nice one, Chorus -
>May we have another????? Please????<<

I'm actually working on one in sort of, but not quite, the same vein.....


Jun 5, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/5/99
i wanna robot like that!!
Thanks for this story, it was really good.



Jun 8, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/8/99

I had alot of fun visualizing this one.... thanks, Chorus!



Jun 21, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/21/99
i love spanking machine stories :))

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