Story: The Spanking Machine (M/FF))

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Oct 23, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/23/00
I am a 31 year old guy with a lifetime interest in old-fashioned spanking
(yes...a true spanko!). I have many spanking fantasies that I would love to
witness/experience in real life someday..(as do we all). One of my favorites is
the idea of a real life SPANKING MACHINE. I have done some research into the
subject (photos, stories, videos, etc.), but it is hard to find material on
this specific topic. If anyone who enjoys this same fantasy would like to trade
ideas, stories, info., etc. , please email me. I hope you enjoy the story!

By the way, all of the usual warnings apply. If you are a kid under the legal
consent age for your area...go play video games or something!!!


I am a single 35 year old woman who has been fascinated with traditional
spanking ever since I was a little girl. I was often spanked by both of my
parents while I was growing up...and I sometimes even got into trouble on
purpose...just to feel mom's wooden spoon or dad's leather belt on my bare

As an adult woman, I have been getting spanked a lot too! I have been trying to
act out all of my spanking fantasies that I have had over the years. I am a
small & petite woman, with long pretty blond hair. I keep myself in very good
shape...and I have a cute pert bottom that just "begs" to be sound spanked! In
fact, most people tell me that my behind is my best feature!

While exploring the internet one Saturday afternoon, I make contact with a man
who has built his very own real life spanking machine. I have had a spanking
machine fantasy ever since I was little, so I am eager to find out more about
this exciting machine he has built. After weeks of correspondence, he and his
wife invite me out to his ranch to be put through the spanking machine. He
offers to pay for my flight (he lives in the mid west) if I agree to his
"conditions." The main condition is, before I am put "into" his spanking
machine, he wants to give me "the hand spanking of my life" while his wife
watches. I have never had anyone watch me be spanked before, but the both of
us agree that the sound hand spanking will serve as a good "warm-up" to the
severe paddling that I will receive when introduced to his machine. I can't
pass up this opportunity to experience what it would be like to be put into a
real life spanking machine, so I agree to all of his terms.

After arriving at the ranch and chatting with the couple, they take me out to
the barn where the large spanking machine is kept. It is a wicked looking piece
of equipment, but simple in its structure. It has a padded sawhorse that the
spankee is bent over & strapped tightly to. Behind the horse is a big wooden
sorority paddle that is attached to a big "arm." The entire machine is run by
its own small generator. The couple tell me that, over the years, more than a
few people have showed interest in the spanking machine. Select people have
come from all over the see if they can take what the machine can dish out. They
tell me that just this past summer, a couple all the way from England came out
to experience what the machine is like.

When I am ready to begin, I am taken out to the side of the barn and told to
strip nude. I am very embarrassed at having to do this, especially outside in
front of two strangers and knowing that I am about to be spanked by this big
strong man. While I am stripping nude, the man disappears into the barn and
quickly returns with a low stool. He sits (while his wife quietly watches) and
tells me to get over his knee. The man is a huge guy (at least 6'5'' big &
strong), with huge ranch-worked hands. Once over his lap, I am treated to the
most severe hand spanking of my life! For 20 nonstop minutes, the man soundly
blisters my bottom while his pretty wife meekly watches. Of course, I moan and
groan loudly, but the spanking does not stop until the man decides that it is
time for the machine.

The couple take me back into the barn where I am strapped bent over the padded
sawhorse. While the man is getting the machine ready, the woman sets up a video
camera. My head is facing the barn doors (which are wide open), so I can see
outside. I also notice that there are a few mirrors hanging up so that I can
see when the paddle is going to strike. The man tells me to "get ready," then I
hear the generator come to life. Immediately, the arm the holds the big paddle
begins to slowly cock back. After about 15 seconds, the paddle arm swishes
forward, swatting my bare red ass with tremendous force. Again, the arm begins
to cock back, again taking about 15 seconds to reach maximum distance before
swatting my exposed target. To my horror, the man informs me that he will shut
down the machine after 45 minutes! (OUCH!) The man and his wife stand and watch
while the machine blisters my helpless bare bottom. After about 10 minutes, the
man takes his wife outside the barn. After a short conversation in the middle
of the yard, the man's wife slowly walks into their house (with dread?). After
a few more painful minutes, the wife emerges totally nude carrying what appears
to be a thick razor strap. The woman hands him the strap and obediently bends
over in front of him and grabs her ankles. Slowly, but with force, the man
proceeds to blister his wife's bare ass with the strap. The entire surrounding
area is treated to her loud cries mixed with my own mixed with the sound of the
awful paddling machine. Her punishment ends much sooner than mine, however. At
some point, the couple disappears back into the house. The machine has no mercy
as it blisters my poor bottom with the awful paddle. I cry, moan, beg, &
howl...but it does no good.

By the time the man returns to shut down the spanking machine, I am sobbing and
my bottom is blistered. I am beyond sore and I know I will not be able to sit
at all the entire day. Still, is a fantasy come true...although I would
not be back to visit... I don't think!

The End (#)(#)

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