Levels, Pt. 11, X/F, a spanking machine story

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Feb 4, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/4/99
Levels, Pt. 11. Copyright (C) 1999 by Frank Russell. All rights reserved.
WARNING: Not for those under 18 or where community standaards do not permit
erotic descriptions of spankings.

More Level 8, From the Mechanic.(A spanking machine story)

"What are you building?" Linda asks.
She's so cute. She often walks around the house with not a stitch of
clothes on. At first, it was always surprise and arousing. And now?
Its still surprising and arousing.
"Its a machine for smacking buns," I reply. "A special order item."
Linda: "I don't understand."
Don: "One of women who brings her car in for tune ups and oil
changes, she has a loose clutch, she casually asked me if I could
build a spanking machine for her. I asked her what she had in mind.
She told me and then offered my usual rate of $80 per hour. So
I've been tinkering with it in my spare time. Its just about done."
Linda: "Does spanking machine mean what I think it means?"
Don: "Some people just have that sort of kink. It either turns them
on or it appeases some sort of guilt they still carry around. I think
its kind of cute myself. But I have come to an impasse. I need
someone to try it out on."
Linda: "Oh no you don't. You're not going to volunteer my butt for
that contraption."
Don: "My darling, I wouldn't dream of subjecting you to a spanking
unless it was something you demanded from me. I'll just have to
find some volunteers. (And then teasingly) Since the beach is so
near, I just walk around and proposition some sweet, young thing by
asking her if she is interesting in contributing to science and
Linda: "You do that. Not without my permission!." (Pausing for
thought). "So how is this thing supposed to work?"
Don: "This isn't a delux model or anything. But it gets the job done
and offers a variety of different punishment positions. You can face
stomach down on this table so your butt is raised up high over this
pillow. That will bring the two paddles within range. And then you
just switch it on. You can also set the timer for seconds, minutes,
speed, and intensity. You can also change the type of paddle you
use for different effects."
Linda: "Let me see."
Don: (Switching it on). "For your basic warm up, just throw this
red switch." (The two paddles begin slowly and then accelerating
whacking the air about six inches above the pillow were the victims
intended butt would otherwise be.)
Linda: "Absolutely charming. What else?"
Don: "You can rotate the machine like this." (loosening a lever and
then tightening it after changing the machine's position from
horizontal to verticle). "Then you can sit in a chair with your butt
hanging over the front or out between an opening in the back. But
now you screw in a handle whip like this one. (Screwing in handle
whip with multiple rubber strands). When you turn it on, the handle
rotates and the whip swings round and round hitting your butt.
Again, speed can be increased or slowed.
"And as you notice, I have build in these cross attachments so the
lady can bind her ankles with her legs spread wide if she so wishes.
Wrists can be self bound too using this device."
Linda: "I can see you put a lot of thought into this."
Don: "Its no big deal. Its actually quite simple but I think she will
get her money's worth."
Linda: "I can imagine."
Now Linda is a cute girl. Her black hair comes down to the
middle of her back. She has fairly large, firm breasts. She's about
5' 9" and weighs 112. She also wears a solid bikini bottom so when
nude like now her butt is white contrasting to her tan body in the
early Playboy centerfold style. The thing about Linda is that,
though she is not the least into pain or S/M, she is terribly curious.
So it was no surprise to me when early the next morning I heard
some whacking sounds from my workroom. I naturally went down
to check on how my device was doing. I peeked in the door which
Linda had left partially open.
She had it set on slow but also at the highest strength. The paddles
rained down in sets with each paddle striking two times on each butt
cheek. It paused for fifteen seconds and then began again. On this
setting, it would continue until stopped manually or else it could be
set for a number of minutes.
Linda apparently had it set for continuous spanking. Now what
was interesting to me, I mean, the first thing I noticed wasn't her
very red butt sticking up but that she had both her ankles and her
wrists bound. I admit, I hadn't quite intended someone to try this
alone yet. The kinks weren't all worked out. I had intended to walk
someone through it a number of times trying everything and double
checking on any gliches which might occur.
It looked fine actually except for those wrist bindings. Well,
you're missing the show, aren't you?
There's that's that sound, I am sure you all know it well, of
corporal punishment in action--in sets of four: WHAP, WHAP,
WHAP, WHAP. The paddle smacks echo through the room very
loud in fact. Linda is wiggling her butt and raising it up fairly high
as if to welcome the paddles as the fly down. I am a little surprise at
that. And she is rubbing her body, rolling it actually forward and
backward over the hard, round pillow on the table WHAP, WHAP,
WHAP, WHAP. It looks to me like she is really enjoying herself.
She can't see me, she's faced away but if I am not mistaken, in the
early morning light it looks like she is wet there at her sex and it
looks rather inviting .
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP. Linda is moaning now and I
see she is also struggling to get her wrist binding free. I'll just watch.
I mean, why not? I have a responsibility for this machine.
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP. Linda is gasping now, crying
with frustration that she can't get those bindings off. I definitely will
have to redo those. They should give the feeling of being
completely restrained but if the intent is self-spanking with a
machine then the restraints are definitely going to have to be 100%
safe. My mistake.
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP. She is in real pain now.
I can tell the way the muscles are tight all through her back and in
her legs and calfs. I don't think she's aroused anymore. Well, wait a
minute. I take it back. I think she knows she can call out to me but
she'd rather save face. If she gets herself free, I will pretend I was
asleep in bed. If she calls out, I'll wait a minute or so before I come
rescue her. I mean, you have to allow people their privacy and the
chance to "save face."
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP. She lifts up her head and just
stares ahead during the spanks. Then she redoubles her efforts to
get free. I feel sorry but also maybe she deserves this? I mean,
haven't you ever witnessed a car accident as it was occurring and
had that thought flash through your head--"they shouldn't have been
where they were. If they had been more attentive it wouldn't have
happened." Afterwards, you realize that there was nothing that
could be done to avoid the accident but still the thought has its own
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP. Linda is crying softly to
herself. She is no longer struggling to get free. I just watch my eyes
strolling along every inch of her body. I've got to hand it to that
machine. It really knows how to give a spanking that a lady won't
soon be forgetting.
WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP. I watch now fascinated,
intrigue by both her endurance and her subbornness. Obviously,
her struggle is now internal--whether to call out knowing she can
get out of this with outside help and yet, that's just it, having to face
the embrassement. To have me get up and find her well-spanked
bottom naked and vulnerable. How incredibly humiliating for her!
I pretend I haven't seen a thing. I wait thirty seconds and come into
the room just as it is finishing up a second set: WHAP, WHAP,
Don: "Oh, my poor baby! What's happening?" I ask innocently.
Linda: "Get me out of this! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP.
I turn the machine off. Maybe if I put the off button where you
could press on it with your chin or perhaps your finger tips? I'll
have to just ask my client what she suggests.
Don: As I undo her wrist restraints, "Oh, your poor bottom." She
takes a long breath and sighs in relief and just lies there softly crying
as she rubs her wrists. I caress the hot, enflamed butt cheeks. I
realize she doesn't want to talk just now. I rub with a little more
pressure using both hands. She is obviously still turned on. There
are a few drops dripping down to the table. Afer a few minutes, I
run my fingertip along her pussy lips and gently circle her clit.
Its about what I had hoped for. This is the ideal arrangement. She
says, "Take me," as she lifts up her hips.
Now the advantage of the X arrangement of the table which splits
at one end like this is that you can then step right up and take the
woman while she is still bound or even while she is being spanked.
Its an added feature I designed in so that this device has multiple
features. A man might see this sooner than a woman.
I comply with her wishes. But first I take both her wrists and hold
them in the small of her back. I then thrust deep inside with my
other palm pressing down on her red butt cheeks . She sighs and
laughs out loud. I guess it is going to turn out alright after all.
I am not really into spanking but then again there is a certain
satisfaction when a woman submits with pleasure and wanton
abandonment to a man as Linda is doing now.
I tell her as I continue thrusting and she swivels her hips around,
"You've been very naughty to try out this contraption all by
yourself. I am going to have to spank you for this. A spanking I
think is just the thing you deserve for using someone else's spanking
machine without permission."
Linda: "Oh, yes, yes, spank me with your hand or better still use a
paddle anything as long as its not this machine!"
I will leave you now folks with the sound of my hand spanking
down on her sore and very naughty butt as things approach a climax
for both of us--SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK,
SMACK....AAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she screams
out during her orgasm.
I have decided because of her naughty ways that she will have to
experience the other charms of this spanking machine, that is, there
are two or three things I haven't perfected and her bottom is, after
all, very suitable and also available. Don't worry folks. I will insure
that the pain is well compensated for. After all, what is a spanking
machine for?

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