Story: Star Trek (NG) In Need of Discipline 2/2 (kessily)

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Aug 28, 2002, 1:39:30 AM8/28/02
The door slid upon with a whooshing sound and Sydney forced herself to entire
the spacious suite of rooms. They were not the largest rooms on the ship, the
best of the guest quarters had that honor, but they were huge in comparison to
her own small cabin. She looked around nervously until she caught sight of the

He was sitting, relaxed and calm on the small sofa in his main living area.
Sydney immediately stopped her frank observations of his quarters and moved to
stand in front of him, "Ensign Mcvoy reporting as ordered sir!" she said
smartly. Waiting silently for his response, she tried not to think too much
about what was happening.

" Ensign, I am not your father and you are certainly not a child. I am going
to punish you severely and I expect you to behave like an officer. There will
be no kicking, screaming, or any other nonsense once we've begun. Do I make
myself clear?" Picard demanded sternly. He could tell by her face that she was
terrified and didn't want to drag the scene out any longer then necessary, for
both their sakes.

"Y.yes Sir," she replied in the bravest voice she could manage. She was
literally shaking in her boots as she heard his next order and realized a

"Remove your pants young lady," Picard said firmly.

Sydney blanched, there were several different kinds of Starfleet uniforms
available to officers of her rank. She had chosen the most popular. It was of
the one piece, form fitting variety. It had been an ill-advised decision she
realized now. In order to bare her bottom she would have to uncover her entire

"Captain I...I can't I..." the Ensign stuttered. Words failed her as she tried
to explain the situation.

"Ensign it's a little late to...oh." The Captain had stopped as he suddenly
realized the problem. This left him with something of a quandary, however he
hadn't earned his rank without learning a few problem-solving skills. "Wait
here," he commanded. He got up and moved into the sleeping room, emerging a few
minutes later with a garment slung over his arm.

He handed it to her, "You can go into the head and change into this," he said.

"What IS it?" she asked uncertainly.

"It's an old fashioned night shirt. When I was a boy we wore them to sleep in.
I saw this on Earth a few years back and picked it up in a fit of nostalgia. At
any rate it will keep your modesty intact so I suggest you go change NOW,"
Picard didn't raise his voice on the final word but somehow he managed to
emphasize it anyway.

Ensign Mcvoy snapped to attention and hurried out of the room immediately. It
wasn't difficult to remove her uniform, but as she released each snap it became
harder and harder to force her hand to the next one. Only the fear that her
Captain might change his mind and simply dismiss her from his ship kept her
moving at all.

When she had removed the one piece, she turned to the odd garment he had given
her. It was a simple item. Meant to hang to the knees, but on her it reached
the ankles. Once it was covering her body she found it to be fairly
comfortable, if not exactly attractive. "I guess it's better then being
completely bare anyway," she muttered.

She had the strangest desire to put her boots back on before she left the
head. As if covering her feet would make her feel slightly less vulnerable
somehow. Finally she shuffled nervously back into the main room barefoot,
wearing only the shirt and panties underneath. It felt silly to present herself
at attention in front of the Captain so instead she just cleared her throat and
tried not to blush too much.

She stood, tugging nervously at the long night garment, twisting the loose
material in her hand as Picard's piercing eyes gazed at her. "Are you ready to
be disciplined Ensign?" His voice barked sharply, though when she glanced up
she thought she saw a spark of compassion flicker briefly in his eyes.

She lowered her eyes, staring down at her bare toes that peeked out from
beneath the hem of the voluminous garment she wore. "Yes sir," came her
whispered response.

"When you were punished by your father how did he have you positioned?" Picard
asked. From the tone of his voice she could tell it wasn't idle curiosity that
led him to probe into the details.

"Um, well I guess...sometimes he pulled me over his lap, but when I got older
mostly he had me bend over something. The end of my bed or there was always
something in the woodshed that I could lean over," Sydney responded. Her cheeks
flared more brightly with each word.

The Captain nodded; "You are too old to go over my knee Ensign, so I think
having you bend over something would be the best..." he stopped and looked
around his living suite. Looking at his furniture with a different perspective
then usual. Too high, too low, too uncomfortable for her to lie across, one by
one he considered and discarded each choice.

He wouldn't take her into the bedroom under any circumstances. It would be
inappropriate and could be misinterpreted, something he had no intention of
allowing to happen. No, it had to be the main room. Finally, he settled on the
very couch he was sitting on. The arms were bolstered enough to raise her
bottom to the correct height when she was positioned over them.

He got to his feet and was startled when she jumped back nervously. He eyed
her, "You can still change your mind you know. This is your last chance though.
I won't stop once I begin the punishment."

"No, no I'll go through with it. I'm just a little nervous that's all," she
assured him quickly.

"Very well." He pointed to the arm of the sofa, "I want you to lie over that,
head and arms resting on the cushion."

It took her a few seconds to realize how he wanted her, and then she hurried
to obey. Sydney was grateful, there were much less comfortable positions to be
spanked in. This way it would be easier to stay still as well. It was a lot
better then having to bend over and touch her toes, that was the worst
position. When she had been punished in that pose it had been hard to decide if
her butt her more then her back and legs did from the standing.

She lowered herself carefully. The arm was low enough that she could almost
kneel on the carpet, but it wasn't quite possible. So, instead she stretched
her legs out behind her. Elbows rested on the seat cushion and supported her
head, and she was ready...almost.

Captain Picard watched approvingly. Then when she was exactly where he wanted
her, he moved forward to pull up the nightshirt. He dropped the long folds of
material on the middle of her back where they would be out of his way and then
he eyed the thin panties. His hand twitched to take them down but he wasn't
entirely sure it was appropriate, especially since this was her first spanking.

He hesitated then made his decision, "I'll leave your panties in place this
time Ensign, but if you don't cooperate they will come down immediately," he
informed her.

A muffled 'Yes sir' came from behind the hands that were hiding her
embarrassed face. Picard walked over to the table and retrieved an object he'd
had replicated earlier that day. It was an old-fashioned 'school house' paddle.
>From what counselor Troi had told him, he had a feeling the young Ensign would
be somewhat familiar with correctional implements of that type from her

In fact when Sydney had gotten past the embarrassment of having her backside
nearly bare, she had looked up. She took one look at the wooden object the
Captain held and gulped audibly. Her head immediately disappeared behind her
hands again and only a low moaning could be heard.

Jean-Luc was hard pressed not grin. Obviously the girl recognized and dreaded
the implement. It was exactly the reaction he'd hoped for. In her holo
scenarios, which he had viewed, paddles had featured prominently in the strict
discipline scenes. The more sexual ones in contrast had focused on leather
objects. He had steered clear of belts and straps purposely because of that.

"I don't see any reason to prolong this Ensign so I'm going to begin now. It
will be quick and harsh but when it's over you will be redeemed without a
blemish on your record." He walked over to stand behind her. Her buttocks
twitching nervously as she waited for him to begin.

"Thank you sir," she murmured so soft he barely heard her. There was nothing
else to say. It was time.

Picard wasn't an experienced disciplinarian by any means. Nevertheless the
mechanics of spanking were relatively easy to figure out. The wooden paddle
flashed down, landing with a meaty thunk as he delivered the first of many
punishing whacks.

Sydney yelped loudly, and then she dropped her face to the cushion to muffle
any further sounds. She had been told to take it like an officer and she was
going to do her best to comply, not just because the Captain expected it, but
also because her own pride demanded no less.

The paddle came down again. It was long enough to sting both cheeks at once.
Burning them, making her skin throb and she had a horrible suspicion that he
had barely begun. "Sir!" Sydney exclaimed.

"Ensign I hope you aren't going to ask me to stop already. We've got a long
way to go," Picard commented as he delivered the third hard smack to her
quivering cheeks.

" Sir," Ensign Mcvoy gasped. She clenched her to teeth and tried her
best to stay still. Picard made no reply but continued the paddling. He timed
each stroke to land just as the sting from the previous one had started to
fade. It made the burning sensation increase rapidly to an unbearable level,
and Sydney began to kick her legs.

"Ensign!" Picard barked loudly. With a wail of embarrassment and pain she
forced her feet back to the floor. It was too hard to stay still! Jean-Luc must
have been satisfied with her feet back on the floor because he continued to
punish her bottom, but now he had begun to aim slightly lower. The place where
she sat was receiving more of his attention and it was even more painful!

Her hand flung itself back of its own accord but she recovered and yanked it
out of the way before it could get smacked with the heavy wooden implement. The
Captain frowned and decided that it was time to work on her thighs. In his
childhood Jean-Luc's father had often punished the mischievous boy and he
remembered that his father had always been sure to spend a good deal of time on
his thighs.

He also remembered how much more painful it was, which was why he was not at
all surprised at her reaction. As he began to concentrate on her bare thighs
the Ensign bucked violently, all hope of taking the spanking like an 'adult'
fled. "Nooo no I'm sorry pleaseeee!" she begged loudly.

Tears began, not with a trickle, but with the rush of a dam breaking. Picard
could hear the hoarse sobbing even over the loud CRACK from each precisely
aimed stroke. His voice broke through her sobs, "Ensign, an officer's duties
are to serve Starfleet to the best of your abilities. At all times you should
be aware that your demeanor is reflecting your training. Rudeness," he paused
then delivered an especially hard swat to the top of her thighs.

"is not acceptable," he continued. "Failing to give your best during your duty
shifts is not acceptable," another hard smack landing just below, and
overlapping the first. "Disobeying orders is NOT ACCEPTABLE." His last words
were raised, pitched to be heard clearly above sobbing and paddle whacks.

He allowed her a scant few seconds to get herself back under control before
demanding, "Do I make myself understood young lady?"

"Yessirsorrysirpleasesir," Ensign Mcvoy pleaded, begged and generally howled
miserably. She was in agony. For a moment she forgot that she was an adult. A
full-grown woman and an officer. She found herself transported back to her
younger years. Her father punishing her severely, she was a bad girl, "Daddy
pleaseeee I'll be good," she wailed.

Picard stopped, startled by her unexpected words. He wasn't sure exactly how
to handle it. Finally he decided that she had learned her lesson. He set the
paddle down and helped the distraught Ensign to her feet. She reacted by
throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him and soaking the shoulder of his

He held her stiffly at first, patting her awkwardly on the back until her sobs
eased. His nervousness soon drifted away, he realized that he held an unhappy
little girl in his arms and instinct insisted he comfort her. His arms
tightened around her.

She soaked up the attention and warmth for a good while before she suddenly
realized something. This was not her father; this was her CAPTAIN!!! She jerked
out of his arms, blushing and stuttering, utterly humiliated that she had been
crying on his shoulder. "I.I'm sorry I..." Oh my God did I call him daddy? She
tried desperately to remember.

Picard held up a hand, "Quite all right Ensign Mcvoy." His voice held a touch
of warmth in it. Somehow the whole scene had left him feeling somewhat paternal
towards the young officer. She was, after all barely an adult. He'd felt
similarly towards Wesley but had always assumed it was because of his
relationship with his mother, Doctor Crusher.

Sydney sniffled a few more times. Her hands flew back to massage her scalded
cheeks over the long nightshirt, which had of course fallen down when she'd
gotten to her feet. "Can I go now Sir?" she asked pitifully.

"Hmm, I would suggest you change back into your uniform first," Picard said,
subtly pointing out that her attire would draw more then a few questioning

Sydney's face flamed brighter, "Yes sir," she muttered. She practically flew
into the head to exchange the old-fashioned nightshirt for her own uniform. It
had lost some of its comfort however, brushing lightly over the abraded flesh
it felt like sandpaper. "Ouch!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

It was agonizing to pull the cloth up but it was either that or go back to her
quarters wearing the loose shirt. She chose the more dignified, if painful way
and finished getting into her own clothing. She presented herself fully dressed
before the Captain. She hoped she looked presentable but figured if she didn't
he would overlook it considering the circumstances.

"Ensign, you know it's a tradition on ship for each experienced officer to
take one of the newly commissioned officers under their wing. A kind of
internship if you would," Picard said to the still blushing and suddenly shy

With her eyes firmly fastened to the deck she nodded, and then long training
required her to speak, "Yes sir."

"Normally as Captain I do not participate. I have too many other things that
require my attention. However, I've decided to tell...Commander Riker is it?"
the Captain asked, referring to who was currently responsible for her.

"Yes sir," Sydney answered immediately.

"Very well, I've decided to inform Commander Riker that I will be overseeing
you from this point on," she was informed. Picard realized this was going to
add a lot of extra work to his schedule, but he decided it would be the best
thing. Somehow it now felt as if he had a personal interest in her performance.

New Ensigns on board were really still students. They worked duty shifts, but
they tended to be shorter unless an emergency dictated otherwise. The rest of
their time was taken up with continuing studies that he would now be
responsible for assigning to her.

"But're so busy and I don't think you'll have the time!" Ensign Mcvoy
exclaimed. Her voice showed she was close to a nervous panic as she stared at
him. Realizing of course that with the Captain overseeing her work she would no
longer be able to get away with less then perfect attention to her studies, but
oddly touched by the prospect.

Picard raised on eyebrow and looked at her sternly, "I am quite aware of how
much time I have available. I suggest you remember that it is not your
responsibility to worry about what I do," he lectured her.

She swallowed hard. Oops, she had forgotten herself again. "Yes sir," she
responded meekly, eyes cast downward once more.

"That's better. You are dismissed for now. I will contact you about your
studies after I've spoken to Commander Riker about your progress. If there are
any deficiencies I suggest that you work to...eliminate them," he warned her.

"Yes sir!" Sydney said firmly. She spun on one heel and headed out the door as
fast as humanly possible. Only when she was out in the bright corridor was she
able to breathe deeply again. She paused a moment to take stock.

Her bottom hurt. Her thighs ached even more, and she had a headache from all
the hard crying she had done. As for her mood though...she felt better then she
had in a very long time. She took a deep breath and sighed with relief. The
tightness in her back and chest from being stressed and unhappy were completely

She didn't want a repeat of the punishment any time soon, but it was
undeniable how much it had helped her. Best of all, now that Picard had
punished her personally she no longer felt ashamed about her needs. With him
handling her discipline she was sure she would get along just fine, and if she
wanted something a little...sexier there was always the holodecks.

In the Captain's quarters he sat and mused over what had happened. "I wonder
if this is what it feels like to have a daughter," he asked out loud. Startled
he chuckled and shook his head at himself. He reached up, touched his

"Number One what's the situation?" he asked in his best Captain's voice.

"Nothing unusual Captain. No problems. It looks like smooth sailing to Beta
Tau Three," the second in command said cheerfully.

"Very good Number One. I believe I'm going to leave things to you for a while.
Contact me if there is any change," Picard said. "Captain out," he added and
then tapped the communicator button to end the conversation without waiting for
Riker to reply. He had a few things to think about.

In his years of exploring the vastness of space he had learned many things.
One of them was that coincidences were rare. The universe at times seemed to
have a plan. It hadn't escaped his notice that young Mcvoy was in need of a
father, while he suddenly found himself enjoying the feeling of having a
daughter. Perhaps they had been brought together for a reason.

He wasn't sure by any means, but it was food for thought and he would have to
consider the possibility that his new officer could feel a void that he hadn't
even realized he had. Yes, it was definitely a possibility.


Aug 28, 2002, 3:54:17 AM8/28/02
A very nice story. I guess I am a sucker for happy endings, and she
obviously had one at the end of this....



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Sep 3, 2002, 1:21:03 AM9/3/02
Very nice, Kess. The voices/attitudes came thru loud 'n clear. Like listening
to the show.


Sep 3, 2002, 9:51:41 PM9/3/02
Kess, this is =lovely=. And I'm not even particularly fond of Star
Trek. ;)


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