Story: Prison Punishment (Chuck)

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Jan 6, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/6/00
Sorry, but there is no hint of romance in this charming little
scenario. Nevertheless, if like the author, you are strong of
heart and weak of mind, you may wish to continue. But you
have been warned. No minors allowed (M/M, M/F, spanking


By Chuck

It was 2 p.m., and earlier that day the spanking machine had
been oiled and made ready for another day's work on the bottoms
of young inmates in the Corren Correctional Facility. But this day
would be historic because one of the bare bottoms that would be
undergoing its correction would belong to a young woman.

The state-sponsored machine had been in operation for over a
Year, after an outbreak of gang and individual vandalism activity
had broken out during the first half of the 21st Century. Legislators'
offices were swamped by cards and letters, pointing out that more
was needed than prison sentences to stem the tide, and the
old-fashioned practice of corporal punishment was re-introduced.

During the first 12 months, that type of punishment had been
reserved for men between the ages of 18 and 25, who, after receiving
over-the-knees warm-ups from the hand of the corrections officer,
were placed in the machine for a severe strapping.

But, as the 21st Century progressed, so did the influx of crimes
committed by females, and another outcry went up from the
citizenry. Although some legislators, particularly women members,
were against the idea, the "fairer sex" was included in the
disciplinary practice.

Twenty-two-year-old Lynne Roberts would now be the first young
woman to feel the bite of the spanking machine strap on her tender
behind. She had been the only female member of a gang that had
forced its way into a jewelry store at closing time, roughed up the
store owner and his wife and tried to make off with thousands of
dollars worth of gems. But a silent alarm had alerted the police and
the would-be thieves ran into the arms of waiting officers.

All five members of the gang were sentenced to five years behind
bars and at least one session in the spanking machine, with witnesses
looking on. Among the witnesses were the victims of the various
crimes, so the jewelry store owner and his wife, would be watching as
five pairs of buttocks turned a very dark shade of red.

Three of her male comrades in crime had paid the penalty just a
day earlier, so the other male member and Lynne were the only
ones remaining to be spanked. Two other young men had gone to
their fate that morning and the 2 o'clock hour marked the time
when Lynne's last co-conspirator was due to feel the first hand
spank on his unprotected posterior.

And, as usual, punishments were carried off on time, for, just
a couple minutes before the scheduled hour, Barry Whitlow, dressed
in shorts and T-shirt had been placed ignominiously over the knees
of corrections officer Tom Warren and had his shorts and
underpants lowered to his mid-thighs by a male guard.

A medicated lotion was rubbed into and between the cheeks as well
as the upper thighs to prevent infection in the event of skin breakage.
Then, as 2 o'clock arrived, the cutoff time for a last second pardon by
the governor (in the event he found a miscarriage of justice), the hand
of justice began falling.

Lynne, who had earlier been walked along the row of female
prisoners on her way to the "holding cell" a few feet from the
Punishment Room, was still hoping that her appeal would succeed.
would succeed. Her lawyer had called it "inhumane" to bare a
woman's buttocks and spank her as if she were a child. The prosecutor,
on the other hand, pointed out that the law no longer made distinction
between the lower back portion of the male and female anatomy and
that her sentence should be carried out.

She had seen Barry walk down the hall and past her just before
entering the Punishment Room. He held his head high with a look
of confidence, which she interpreted as false bravado.

His confident demeanor had changed once he was out of her sight,
and his face blushed brightly as he was divested of his shorts and
underpants, exposing a bare behind.

Lynne placed her hopes on the fact that her picture had been in
the newspapers and that her looks were above average. Perhaps
her pretty face would save her other end from punishment, as it
had many times when her father had threatened her with a spanking.

Although the Punishment Room was well insulated, she could
hear the muffled sounds of a hand spanking bare, male bottom flesh,
and her own bottom cheeks clenched reflexively. Her watch told her that
it was now less than an hour before her own scheduled butt burning.

She stood and looked between the bars of the cell, hoping that the
guard would come and tell her that her punishment had been averted.
And, as the minutes ticked away, she could feel her heart beating ever

The yells from inside that room became louder and a whirring
sound told her that the spanking machine was in operation. She had
only seen a picture of it, but it looked very ominous indeed. She
shivered at the thought of what damage that contraption could do to
her soft, female buttocks. They tightened involuntarily.

Then she returned to her bunk and plopped down onto it. "Might
as well sit down while I can," she thought morosely.

Finally, the whirring sound inside the punishment room slowed
And then stopped. It was 2:25 and apparently, Barry's spanking
was over. And Lynne knew what that meant. The guard would soon
be coming for her, take her for a final visit to the bathroom, to the
medical ward for a last-second checkup and then the long walk down
the hall and into that feared chamber.

The door to the room opened, and Lynne again stood up to see
Barry being wheeled out on a stretcher, certainly not the supposedly
self-assured young man he was when he entered. He was lying on
his stomach, his lower clothing still pulled down and his reddened
and blistered buns upturned. He was still sobbing and his butt
cheeks twitched uncontrollably.

Lynne's legs grew weak and threatened to fail her as she grabbed
onto the bars. "Oh God," she thought, "there just has to be some way to
avoid this." She was sure that her tender globes could not stand that
kind of abuse.

A few moments later, the female guard opened her cell. "It's time,"
she said.

Lynne got to her feet and was escorted down the hallway to the
bathroom and told to stay no longer than five minutes. Then, it was
on to the medical ward, where, after pulling down her shorts and
panties she was placed, face down, on the examining table. Without
delay, the nurse spread apart the young woman's buttocks and inserted
a rectal thermometer between them.

By that time, Lynne was really regretting her decision to join such
a rough gang and take part in a robbery. Not only was her bottom
going to be turned into a mass of flame, but first she had to go through
the indignity of having her temperature taken rectally, as if she were a
baby. But she lay quietly for the required three minutes, until she was
certified able to withstand corporal punishment. Then her panties
and shorts were pulled back into place.

Now it was time for the walk back down the hall, this time to the
Punishment Room. Time was running out for Lynne. Would the governor
respond to her appeal, and, if he did, would his message come in time. She
would not give up hope until the last second, though she had to admit
that hope was dimming.

She was again led along the row of cells housing other female
inmates and received words of encouragement from them.. Finally,
she entered the Punishment Room, where six witnesses, plus the
jewelry store owner and his wife, were seated to watch justice being
carried out on her bare bottom.

The clock in the room read 2:55 as Lynne was walked over to the
correction officer's right side and pushed down over his lap. Then,
without hesitation, the guard's hands grasped the elastic waistband
of her shorts and lowered them to mid-thighs before returning for
the panties and pulling them down as well.

Two white, naked and helpless buttocks looked up at the officer.
Seeing - and spanking - a bare female bottom was not new to him
since he had teenage daughters not all that much younger than Lynne.
And, had they even thought of doing what she had done, they would not
be able to sit down for a week - the fate that awaited the pretty, young
woman currently over his knees.

As he rubbed the protective lotion into those charming sit cheeks, he
Thought that if ever a bottom seemed to beg for a spanking, the one
owned by Lynne certainly did. He was going to see that she got a tanning
that would discourage her from ever again setting out on a life of crime.

That lesson was already being learned. She begged to be spared the
pain and embarrassment of a spanking, promising to follow the straight-
and-narrow from that moment forward. The jewelry store owners
smiled with satisfaction, hearing her beg like a small child over her
daddy's lap. Lynne's head was facing them, but the mirror directly
behind her gave them full view of her nervously twitching behind.

The correction officer's expression never changed as he massaged
the lotion over the twin moons and the crack that separated them as
well as the area of the thighs. Then, promptly at the moment the
second hand showed the time as 3 o'clock, his right hand began to
fall on the victim's seat while he held her firmly around the waist with
his left arm.

Lynne cried out under the stinging assault as he spanked back and
forth, up and down on the rapidly pinkening cheeks. That phase of her
punishment lasted only about two minutes, but when she was escorted
over to the spanking machine with her shorts and panties still at
half-mast, she presented blushing cheeks on both ends.

The machine was a metal contraption, with a heavily padded bench
in the center that allowed her to be bent over without discomfort to
her frontal areas. As she went into position, four metal arms reached
up and fastened themselves around her wrists and ankles, securing
her in place, with her buttocks pointed directly upward. She was last
of the five gang members, and the only female, to be placed in that

A large strap hung from a wheel above, that, when activated,
would rotate at an ever fast rate of speed and cover both cheeks
and thighs with bottom-reddening smacks.

"Do you have anything to say before the rest of your punishment
sentence is carried out?" the officer asked.

Lynne shook her head, which was hanging straight down as she tried
to hide her profusely blushing face from him and the witnesses.

"Very well," he said, and she heard first a click and then the
beginning of the whirring sound she had heard less than an hour
earlier while she was in her cell. Bent over, as she was, she could see only
the floor of the room, but she felt a stinging sensation as the strap
made its initial impact, sweeping over the center of both buttocks.

"Eeeeeek!" she exclaimed.

A red stripe appeared over the rosy background as the strap
began its second revolution.







The smacks became louder and harder while Lynne's cries of distress
grew in volume as the strap worked its way up and down over the
expanse of those pretty bottom cheeks and thighs. The color became
brighter and then darker while the punishment continued unabated.
Bound as she was, she was unable to elude the burning smacks, for her
bottom was held stationary.

Most of those in attendance, even the jewelry store owners, had to
look away as the flesh began to mottle and Lynne's face became a
mask of agony. The strap covered the entire spanking area, from the
tip of the bottom's crevice, down to the base and onto her thighs,
making the trip five times and leaving behind numerous blisters.

Just as she feared that her behind would burst into flames, the
machine was mercifully shut off. Nevertheless, her rear cheeks
continued to palpitate and loud sobbing by the young woman
continued as the stretcher was rolled alongside her. The metal arms
were released from her wrists and ankles.

Then Lynne was placed, face down, on the stretcher, her buttocks
remaining free of clothing, and she was rolled past the witnesses and
toward the women's portion of the medical ward.


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Chuck566 wrote in message <>...

> By Chuck

Excellent story, Chuck. Thank you.



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Jan 7, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/7/00
Very nice Chuck. I enjoyed this.


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Jan 12, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/12/00
Thanks Chuck for sharing, wonderful story, and I have actually had a fantasy
about this...was awesom!

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